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This is in London. The support system and usage of NFC payments is already there. They're just fighting over who gets to be the default card on Apple Pay.
I do not understand the lines drawn on that map in the article. Some of them vaguely follow state border lines, but others don't at all. 
It took them only one week to find this many critical vulnerabilities in Samsung phones, most of which will never actually receive a patch for them. How many more could be found with more time and resources (like criminal organizations have)? Now multiply by the number of Android OEMs, then multiply again by a factor that takes into account that Samsung has, by far, the most resources of any other Android OEM.
The Apple plan is NOT a lease. It is explicitly a loan with 0% interest payment plan over 2 years, but with an option to trade in the phone for the latest version at the cost of renewing the lease for a new 2 year period. If you opt not to trade it in, you just keep the phone you originally bought and it is paid off at the end of the original 2 year payment plan.
He calls it a "subscription", but it really works like a tip jar. You can choose to tip 1/6/12 months at about $1 per month, but it's automatically a one-time thing, not automatically renewed. I always thought that this was the best way for him to monetize. There are plenty of people who are willing to pay more than the $3 (or whatever) he charged for Overcast, but never had an easy way to do that. CrossyRoad is basically the same thing. You get almost no significant...
 I largely agree with the exception that I dictate a lot of text messages now. I probably dictate more to my Watch than I tap out on the phone.
I just tried this twice, once on iPad and iPhone. Both played the correct song on the first try with no misunderstanding at all.
The cars in the rendering appear to driving on the left to me.
Even most shock jocks aren't this stupid. That kind of stunt will land them in the state prison, maybe federal if it crosses state lines. Prank calling 911 is a crime. Causing a mass overload of 911 services is a BIG crime.
Because LA is a driving city, coming from somebody who has lived there for a number of years. The transit system may be large by size, but not by usage. Relatively few people RELY on the LA public transit system on a regular basis like they do in SF or NYC. Those that do honestly tend to fall into the lower income brackets where there are relatively fewer Apple customers anyway. I'm sure they'll get to it, but LA is logically not a high priority for Transit. Tokyo really...
New Posts  All Forums: