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You mean RE-acquire ARM. Apple was one of the 3 original companies that founded ARM as a joint venture, but had reportedly since sold off their share of the company.
I suspect that the people Google was interested in poaching would be making far more than a mere $75/hr by at least several multiples. Apple, along other big companies, may have broken the law here, but I seriously doubt they cared much at all about "keeping wages down". Apple probably viewed it as a trade secret issue, but primarily they probably didn't want the disruption that would come from losing key people.
April. OMG, I didn't realize that they changed the end of the year to month #4! Samsung has done nothing to "outdone" the iPhone. The S5 has been greeted with a "meh" both by reviewers and by buyers. Their smart watches are such duds that they're giving them away with purchase of a TV. The reason customers don't jump ship from Apple to Samsung is because Apple isn't in the junk business.
The problem right now is that their idea and my idea of where the "creepy line" sits are pretty different. The problem for the future is that I have no idea where the next guy(s) that run the company will think the "creepy line" lies, but they will still have all that years/decades personal data that they can use. Even if I were to trust Schmidt & Co. now, do I trust some unknown future CEO?
Your google-fu is fail. Everybody who tried that in that very thread you linked said it didn't work for them.  And this is on a much older model, which I doubt Apple paid that much attention to when they developed Activation Lock. I suspect the 5s and 5c would be even tougher. Maybe I'm overly cynical, but I suspect the supposed "jailbreak" is just malware that somebody is foisting on unsuspecting people who want some way to unlock a cell phone that they don't have...
I think the obvious consequence of this move is that PC makers will double down on the bloatware. PC makers get paid for each piece of crapware they put on the computers they sell, and the easiest way to get their crap hardware under a $250 max limit is to load up on the crapware. The user experience for these machines is going to get even worse than it is now, something that is only going to damage the "Windows" brand further in the long term.
1.7%? Did that really justify a complete recall? I'd suspect that Timex watches have a similar skin irritation rate.
Because not all electronic components have the exact same temperature tolerances? I wouldn't think this would need explaining.
Joke recognition fail.
I doubt they hired him strictly for this app. They hired him for his talent, an "acquihire".
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