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What are you talking about? The term "the Far East" was not used in this story even once. Also, I seriously doubt more than a minuscule minority of the readers here would recognize the name of the city where TSMC is headquartered, so that would actually hurt the readability of the article.  What's juvenile is your complaining.
And most of the big Apple stores as well.
Google promises that this time, they won't monitor children's online activities to build their database on them for future advertising purposes. This time they really mean it!
Not that I can recall. When he says "nope" that's pretty much the end of the story.
I don't think it has cost Apple much at all. Costco is largely a west coast phenomenon, which just happens to be area on the planet with the best coverage for brick and mortar Apple Stores. I would guess it was a wash for Apple. Any sales they may have missed by not having Costco on board were probably at least in part made up by driving a portion of those customers to physical Apple Stores where they don't have to pay a middleman, expose the customer to Apple's design...
A lot of media have latched onto the Mayo clinic partnership because they've heard of the Mayo Clinic, but that's largely window dressing as far as I'm concerned.   The really interesting partnership is with Epic. Epic Systems is the 800 lb gorilla of electronic health records, by far the largest EHR vender in the country. If you could instantly export data from Epic to the patient's Health app on his phone, that would be beyond awesome.
In case the other replies didn't clue you in, that feature is still available and always has been. On the iPad, tap "People" in your shared Photostream. Scroll down and turn on "Public Website" and it'll give you a URL to send to people. It works similar on Mac, but the UI is a little different.
Also, Apple's "Healthkit" is not a consumer facing brand. It's strictly a developer API/service from what I can tell.
You mean RE-acquire ARM. Apple was one of the 3 original companies that founded ARM as a joint venture, but had reportedly since sold off their share of the company.
I suspect that the people Google was interested in poaching would be making far more than a mere $75/hr by at least several multiples. Apple, along other big companies, may have broken the law here, but I seriously doubt they cared much at all about "keeping wages down". Apple probably viewed it as a trade secret issue, but primarily they probably didn't want the disruption that would come from losing key people.
New Posts  All Forums: