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I just tried this twice, once on iPad and iPhone. Both played the correct song on the first try with no misunderstanding at all.
The cars in the rendering appear to driving on the left to me.
Even most shock jocks aren't this stupid. That kind of stunt will land them in the state prison, maybe federal if it crosses state lines. Prank calling 911 is a crime. Causing a mass overload of 911 services is a BIG crime.
Because LA is a driving city, coming from somebody who has lived there for a number of years. The transit system may be large by size, but not by usage. Relatively few people RELY on the LA public transit system on a regular basis like they do in SF or NYC. Those that do honestly tend to fall into the lower income brackets where there are relatively fewer Apple customers anyway. I'm sure they'll get to it, but LA is logically not a high priority for Transit. Tokyo really...
So you got slightly better than random accuracy on the uncompressed, once you eliminate what should be the obvious lowest quality sample. The 128 kbps should be fairly clear, I would think. That really leaves only 2 samples per music selection that are difficult to distinguish between. With 6 music selections, once you eliminate the obvious low quality coded file, a coin flip should get 3 out of the 6 correct. edit: Just tried their test with my decent over-the-ear...
I'd guess that at least ⅔ of people paying with a credit card have had "problems" at checkout with the traditional magnetic swipe card readers, including millions of shoppers at Target and Home Depot who had their credit card numbers stolen.
I thought it was a good comparison, as Shenzhen is competing with the Bay Area as a technological center. BART is expensive, limited, and disgusting. Who thought it was a good idea to put cloth seats on the BART? Anybody who rides BART regularly knows to avoid the back corner seats, as that's usually where the homeless urinate.
 WTH are you babbling about?
 Doing what he deems right for Apple shareholders (a.k.a. "the people who own the company he runs") is a very, very different thing than caring what random Wall Street analysts say. None of Apple's recent leadership have ever publically given half a shit what Wall Street analysts spew except for perhaps the CFO on quarterly earnings calls, and even then not many shits were given.
Man, you should change your username to PedantrY, instead.
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