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I'd guess that at least ⅔ of people paying with a credit card have had "problems" at checkout with the traditional magnetic swipe card readers, including millions of shoppers at Target and Home Depot who had their credit card numbers stolen.
I thought it was a good comparison, as Shenzhen is competing with the Bay Area as a technological center. BART is expensive, limited, and disgusting. Who thought it was a good idea to put cloth seats on the BART? Anybody who rides BART regularly knows to avoid the back corner seats, as that's usually where the homeless urinate.
 WTH are you babbling about?
 Doing what he deems right for Apple shareholders (a.k.a. "the people who own the company he runs") is a very, very different thing than caring what random Wall Street analysts say. None of Apple's recent leadership have ever publically given half a shit what Wall Street analysts spew except for perhaps the CFO on quarterly earnings calls, and even then not many shits were given.
Man, you should change your username to PedantrY, instead.
Bt protocols are not particularly high fidelity. The Lightning headphones sound like they pass a digital stream which are then converted to a analog by the headphones, a solution that give you far higher quality audio if done properly.
The diplomatic corps doesn't just include ambassadors. It includes any number of secretaries, staffers, translators. If you include all the people working in an embassy, it also includes a lot of CIA, DEA, and MILINT staff. I'd guess the US diplomatic corps alone easily dwarfs the 38,000 number, and maybe by an order of magnitude.
That remains to be seen, but I'm hopeful. Beats has not really had great sound quality prior to their acquisition, but that may change with the new ownership and the access to practically limitless resources.
Apple's AAC encoder is capable of producing very good quality audio at considerably less than 256 kbps. The latest hydrogen audio blind listening tests found AAC at ~ 105 kbps better than the most recent LAME mp3 encoder at 136 kbps. Up that data rate a little bit, and you're getting into quality levels that most people couldn't distinguish from the original even in ideal listening environments, much less those in which most people would be using wireless headphones.
What are you talking about? The term "the Far East" was not used in this story even once. Also, I seriously doubt more than a minuscule minority of the readers here would recognize the name of the city where TSMC is headquartered, so that would actually hurt the readability of the article.  What's juvenile is your complaining.
New Posts  All Forums: