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If you were a terrorist, would you depend on Android to keep your secrets? 
"its not guns the kill people, it Apple's encryption that kills people"
I hope they cast Steve Wozniak for the role of Seth Rogen in "Making of the Steve Jobs Movie"
when this is all over, they should make a movie about the drama which happened over the making of this movie. 
Flow is easier to say. However, I'm not sure it correctly explains its function.
if Sony pulls this off then its only a matter of time before Apple, Netflix and Amazon offer the same kind of service.
Now that Samsung's Android marketshare has dropped rapidly over the past year, does it even still make sense for an Android developer to lock themselves into an Samsung specific ecosystem?  Seems like a shrinking value proposition now that the Android ecosystem is no longer mostly Samsung. 
no.. they can be on either as long as they are bridged.    i.e. you can have them on both the same frequency or one using 2.4Ghz and the other on 5Ghz.   They will see each other no problem. The issue for me was only with the SSID name being the same logical name for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. They got confused somehow.  Also, I needed to sign off FaceTime and back on one time on all my devices to be able to receive/send calls from my iPhone. 
I had similar issue. I figured out in the end it was related to my Time Capsule - 802.11ac.  The fix was to give the 5Ghz network a separate SSID instead of having both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz advertise the same SSID name. Airplay was also messed up because of this problem between non Apple Airplay compatible devices and Macs, iPhone and iPad.  This solved my problem for Macs, iPhones,  however both my iPad Air and iPad 4's are still messed up and get see entire Airplay network. 
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