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what color will they paint these 14 vehicles? will they all be the same model? /s                just kidding.. that's great news.
I don't believe this rumor. They first have to throw out the existing CEO of BB and replace him with a has been from Microsoft. Balmer would be perfect.  Then once he has driven BB into the ground, announce that BB will be switching to Microsoft Phone OS.. and shortly there after acquire BB for pennies on the dollar.  That worked quite well last time. 
no love for AT&T right now.  errrr..    
would that be "myTown"?  Actually, I think Apple is moving away from the "i" branding.  It would be more simply "Apple Town".   Avoids lawsuits that way. 
I like the Maserati in one of the sketches.
Good to see Apple staying loyal to its roots.   Increased salaries for the industry as a whole on the west coast doesn't hurt either. ;-)
Quite sure your position on the police changes based on what effort the police are performing. For example, on gun control efforts. i dare you to say I am wrong. lol.
let me guess the next step, take all the US citizens who have infectious deceases without insurance and dump them over the border.  Right?  And when that does not work we will send rockets to Mars to leave behind all sickly people on this planet  and its resources that we have spent years exploiting to our own benefit without regard for anyone else (including ourselves) until we can no longer live on it anymore.  Why? because its their problem.   I just want to know one...
Back to this island mentality. What about all the countless other infectious we have had. Heck even the common flu kills people every year. Kids and the elderly. We are all connected. No islands, sorry.
Unfortunately if you have health insurance, it's your problem too. Who do you think pays ultimately for uninsured visits to the ER? As much as we like to think that we are our own island, we are not. This is why social services are more popular in the cities than the country side. It more apparent that we are all interrelated in our society and economy. What goes around comes around. From collapse of the real estate market to spread of diseases like Ebola. No insurance...
New Posts  All Forums: