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  oh oh stop.. it hurts.. 
never had any desire for anything other than Safari.  I'm blissfully ignorant I guess.
thats nice to know. however, too little to late for me. I have moved on.
 http://www.eweek.com/mobile/att-rolls-out-wifi-calling-for-ios-9-users.html"Callers will continue to use their existing mobile phone numbers and will be able to make and receive calls as they normally would on the cellular network. No separate app or configuration is needed. There are no additional costs for the service for calls to U.S. phone numbers. ""AT&T customers can make and receive unlimited domestic calls within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands at...
maybe I am mistaken but I thought Continuity and Hand-Off were two separate things.
I was under the impression that AT&T makes money either way because the call or text is still processed through their central office network regardless of how it gets to your phone (ATT cell tower, ATT microcell via YOUR broadband, or YOUR wifi via YOUR broadband).  Makes no difference form a billing point of view.  They only saving that I can think of is avoiding roaming costs.
Of course you would disclose if you were associated with AT&T in any way.  right?
so.. this is useful for those people who leave their iPhones at home but have their LTE enabled iPad with them?  
real change happens only when things get really bad.  Lots of potential for change if things keep going this way.  A bit scary thinking about the violence that will occur when it does happen. Only a matter of time if the economy truly does collapse due to multiple bubbles created by the state.
New Posts  All Forums: