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Back to this island mentality. What about all the countless other infectious we have had. Heck even the common flu kills people every year. Kids and the elderly. We are all connected. No islands, sorry.
Unfortunately if you have health insurance, it's your problem too. Who do you think pays ultimately for uninsured visits to the ER? As much as we like to think that we are our own island, we are not. This is why social services are more popular in the cities than the country side. It more apparent that we are all interrelated in our society and economy. What goes around comes around. From collapse of the real estate market to spread of diseases like Ebola. No insurance...
Jeb Bush:  "My brother recommended that I get this here Apple Watch to use the internets. Its an amazing doohickey!  But I refuse to pay for AppleCare."
I think you have some good points here.. but I think you are throwing a large net here over wealth. I don't think it is about how much money you have.  Some people just don't believe in the funding of any public system no matter if they are rich or poor.  Healthcare, education, police, fire.... oh except the military of course. Which I always found to be weird.
Siri, spotlight. does not matter. search is search and good for competition.
it would be interesting if that happened.  Partnership might be best for both parties.  All the best to Mr. Musk 
lol.    Come to think of it my 2013 15" rMBP was packaged the same way.
Does not seem much different than the situation with iPad or iPhone packaging to me. 
 The machine could not boot in the video.  A defective unit? I think there is more to this story.
 I had this concern at first until I realized that that this is just the generic cheap USB you will also see on PCs. Look on eBay and you can already start to see various cheap adapters and cables.
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