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Wait a minute... all they do is "notify" you of a call? You can't actually take or make the call unless you have the phone in hand???   And what apps exactly are people supposed to have on their PC's which have also run on their Android phones and tablets? Let me see.   Same Web Browser:?  maybe if it's Chrome, but they will need Google's help to target only Samsung phones.. somehow I doubt it.  Same Email Client ?? doubt it Same Word Processor ??   doubt it Same...
code names are standard practice for many technology companies.  
 if Target takes Apple Pay online, then it should only be a matter of time before they support it in store. That will be a big deal when and if it happens.
this happens every time iPhone is released.  last time it was someone demonstrating how its possible to copy fingerprints and fool touch ID.  Now its people trying to bend phones. Anything to get some media attention.  how come no one is bending iPad mini's or Macbook Airs?
nice choice of photos.
Although it would make for bad marketing, logically it would make more sense if it was:iPhone 6-iPhone 6iPhone 6+
4" - iphone 6 lean 4.7" - iphone 6 meToo 5.5" - iphone 6 gross
Someone at HP wants to give the search giant, Google, access to all HP enterprise level documents? What well thought out plan!
its not up to Apple.  As I understand it these are just maps to unicode.   Get "motorcycle" assigned to a unicode value first. http://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode
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