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silly debate there folks.  Does Amazon need Apple selling anything for them? 
whats the answer?
obviously anyone is free to stop selling any product for whatever reason.  Trying to figure out the real reason.  Amazon's explaination makes no sense.If they want to stop an issue with Amazon Video playback on Apple TV, they need to pull the App from the iOS Store.   Apple TV sales halting has nothing to do with it because Apple TV by itself can not play Amazon Video.  Same with Chromecast, as I understand it. Although, I have no experience with it to be sure.
maybe all they are saying is...    Amazon Fire TV is not selling well.  Most people are watching Amazon Video via Apple products or Chromecast and this isn't helping Amazon as much as if people bought Amazon Fire TVs?    head scratcher...   
TS,   Maybe Amazon will pull their own Amazon Video apps from the Apple App store (for iOS) as that is currently the only way that I think you can play Amazon Video on Apple TV.
Apple TV has an Amazon Video app?  I can't find it. 
Some of you may recall that the agency model blackouts agreements have expired now with most of the major publishers.  Looking at the best sellers (eBooks) on Amazon, I noticed that most now say "This price was set by the publisher".  Some priced below $9.99 and others above.  The prices are identical on the iBooks store.  I suspect the same in other eBook stores. Printed copies don't seem to have this type of agreement, just eBooks.    I guess in the end publishers had...
lol.. yup.  The US Justice system is a joke.... its like watching a soap opera. I'm wondering how far up the corruption goes.  So far I have been very pleased with the Supreme Court and Appeals Court. Lets see what happens.  btw, great signature.  I concur on all points. 
no. I believe you are mistaken.  The most favored nation clause was about the SELLING price from Publisher to the RESELLER.  NOT the final price to the consumer.   It was about Apple paying the SAME lowest price to the publishers as anyone else.  That price was $9.99.  Which was LOWER than what the publishers were already charging Amazon.   They were charging Amazon $12.99 to buy the book from the publisher. Amazon was turning around and selling the book for $9.99 at a $3...
I think you may have left out the email prior to this one which says the Amazon was already paying the publishers $12.99, but then turning around and reselling at $9.99 for a loss.  http://qz.com/87184/the-steve-jobs-emails-that-show-how-to-win-a-hard-nosed-negotiation/ Look at all three points above.#1.  This means, Apple buys books for $9.99 and resells for $12.99.  30% cut.  The word "real" market is important. Meaning the current $9.99 selling prices on Amazon is NOT...
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