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If I were Apple, I'd hit them with another lawsuit early on Tizen if it looks like what is in that photo.
this would be good ammo when Samsung suggests that it was only leveraging Google's work and that Apple should go after Google instead.This Tizen phone looks even more like an iPhone both HW and Home screen then the Galaxy. Not gonna look good to the jury if they claim that Google is to blame. 
melgross,   if you would like entertain productive conversation about pro features in LR, I'd like to know what pro features in LR, don't exist in Aperture, that you feel pros can not live without.  I honestly never felt anything lacking for myself in Aperture. What am I missing?      As far as having a strong link between LR and Photoshop, I am not sure that this necessary.  Most good photographers try to take shots with the right composition, filters, camera settings...
          I hope you can see why I said that this was going to be a religious debate and why it would be better to take the high road.  Nothing good can come from this except getting people upset or worse,  banned, when in fact they should be "blocked" from your view.  no offense intended to anyone. Just trying to calm things down.  If you feel I need to be banned for stating this, then feel free to ban away.  religion causes too much fighting and upset people.  peace.
silly me. All this time I thought the power drain of the baseband was due to the analog amplifier used to drive the antenna and not the digital side circuitry.   boy these analysts are super smart.  somehow they have figured out how to reduce the amount of energy required to send and receive a signal over the air via antenna by integrating it into the SoC. wow.
Broadcomm RF = wifi
neither, its a "magic wand"
#5 top grossing, #16 top downloaded.   The point is it generates money and gets downloaded often.   If you get a rise out of picking fights over splitting hairs that up to you; not really interested personally.
definitely is a "Mock Up"
federal tax credit against your Affordable Care Act contribution.  How about that for big can of worms?
New Posts  All Forums: