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Broadcomm RF = wifi
neither, its a "magic wand"
#5 top grossing, #16 top downloaded.   The point is it generates money and gets downloaded often.   If you get a rise out of picking fights over splitting hairs that up to you; not really interested personally.
definitely is a "Mock Up"
federal tax credit against your Affordable Care Act contribution.  How about that for big can of worms?
What you can't see people hitting thousand dollar follow watches together?  Maybe this is why they want sapphire screens. I would personally buy an iRing before an iWatch.
AMOLED screen over the top of a mechanical clock face would be cool.
you would have to try really hard to make all this stuff up.
MagMan1979, leave it alone. take the high road.    If the fact that Aperture being the #5 highest paid App in the Mac store is not evidence enough to show people are using it, then nothing will be. Don't know why we keep going on about this. Use what works for you and what you like. Not because you think you need to be in the mainstream.  Just because people use Windows more than Mac does not mean I'm gonna switch to Windows. If you think about it, many of us switch from...
can someone summarize Dropbox's business model for me? what is their path to monetization? 
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