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hmm..  iPhone ESP went down however.  seem there might be a different explanation.  
pace seems to be about 6-7 millions per year.
iPhones up 17% , iPad down 16%, Macs up 3.8%,  for Q2 FY14 vs Q2 F13.  
how do we explain increased gross margin?  Shift to more expensive iPads?
It also possible to spend advertising on your smartphone and yet never say anything positive about your smartphone.  
I hope you agree that this commercial accomplished that goal.
Same question to Android fans?
pity, you were making such good progress for a while there.  guess it's hard for people to change.  The door will remain open if you decide to come back from troll town.  we all have off days.
look it up. No interest in weasel games.
the "bounce-back" scroll and "tap to zoom" patents.
New Posts  All Forums: