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They are waiting for the plea bargaining phase.
 I get a chuckle thinking about how they prioritized things from top to bottom on this wall.    What nerve.  
one would think that would be a negative comment about the site.  What keeps you coming back for the past 7 years and 1200 posts?  Something must be positive to keep you here, or is the negative stuff that makes it attractive?
Not sure if you travel the world much, but there are many places which don't accept ANY credit cards.  And places that do accept credit cards, often require the kind you don't have.  For those reasons,  I wouldn't call VISA universal. 
those that want to play with fire, are welcome to it.  My understanding is that this is intended to be mainstream.
I think they are saying the offer is a joke, because it is rare to find non working Apple devices.  I have quite a collect of old Apple stuff. Unfortunately, it all works. looking at the photo provided above, its all non Apple devices. A sight which is all too familiar. 
is there a great demand and profit opportunity for indoor solar chargers for phones?    people are already criticizing Apple for making UL certified chargers which are too expensive and then go proceed to electrocute themselves with with cheap knockoffs. If you want to go solar, you don't do it at the appliance side.  You'd have many expensive solar chargers throughout your house. Its better to go solar for the entire house, or at the utility company. 
ok. will do.
I wouldn't know about that.  I haven't seen that personally.    btw  I'm not sure any of this equipment is what you think it is, perhaps I am mistaken however.  Can you tell me what in this photo you think we are looking at exactly?
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