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I just assume it was already a well greased machine and that the money will filter down to all parties involved.
Apple should just switch to paying NSA for search and their eBook troubles will also magically go away.   I see this is killing two birds with one stone.
are you suggesting that Brin is really a jealous little girl?
I just don't know.   Switch from one evil to the next?   It similar to desire to switch from Samsung to Intel for fab.    Given the opportunity both Yahoo and Intel would be Apple competitors of the future. All we would be doing is rolling back the clock awaiting history to repeat itself with a different search and HW partner who have asperations to be in Google's and Samsung's position and steal from Apple in the future.   FU to both of them.
 I kind of pictured her like this:
paying more taxes or spending more to lobby congress.  seriously, this is what this is about. 
$840 million!!  How in the world do they come up with this figure? When the iPad came out in 2010, the total industry revenues for the entire year in 2010, was $838 million.  To be clear, this is not profits for so called price hikes. This is total gross receipts (revenue) for every single ebook sold over the entire year.  The states and US government wants Apple to pay a fine equal to every single ebook sold over the course of a year? This is just plain abuse of the...
also.   "Digitimes rumor say..."
And. She. Wants. To. Go. All. The. Way!!!
I have had Office 2011 for 4 years now.. so at $70/year it would have been $280.  Pretty sure I did not pay that much. 
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