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pretty sure its all the same issue;  RAM.  It seems to due reasonably well with 16GB without issues most of the time.  No doubt, its a bit much.
I respectfully disagree. Aperture is currently #5 in top grossing paid Mac apps in the Mac App store 
I'd buy a 12-13" ARM based rMBA.  For extreme horsepower needs I'll use my rMBP 15".  Don't need to lower price of the MBA to get my attention. Happy to trade x86 for ARM and Retina at the current price and battery levels.
hit rate for use of third party app stores would not make it worth their time to write malware.
I hate to say this but I think its best to keep Qualcomm as a vendor, then to piss them off and make them a competitor.   They are a royality revenue generating monster when it comes to do with anything related to wireless.  Apple would be best to avoid that fight.    case in point, look at why Samsung uses Snapdragon and Qualcomm baseband only in US Galaxy S models and their own SoC elsewhere. 
Qualcomm has all the pieces to do the same.So does Intel. 
hmm... how about Qualcomm?
Digitimes! my fav.
doubt there is much issue parsing through the grammar for most people. However,  "breathless Valley-speak"  we could do without.   His response could have been 1/10 as long and more to the point without all the dancing. 
doubt anyone would admit it.
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