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did you get a new can of lube for Easter? ;-) 
wonder if Samsung, HTC and other Android licenses have already used this provision to recover money they have lost to Apple and Microsoft over patent disputes for technology which comes with Android.
yeah.. I am sure Apple cares about the billions of dollars they will lose from non-developers that spent $99 just for that purpose. /s
popcorn. pronto.
I love how you said "the haters have been proven wrong" and then immediate we get a response.  "no they have not... (iWorks still sucks)" .
I didn't know iWork for iOS had any server features to make it a suitable target for HeartBleed (even if we could prove it uses OpenSSL, which I personally doubt it would use).
to answer my own question about size of the physical sensor, looks like it a 1" sensor (2.7x 35mm crop factor).  Which would make the 30-250mm lens (35mm equiv. ) physically  11mm-93mm.   It run Android on a Snapdragon processor.  2D resolution seems to be 5MP, not 1MP or 4MP as previously stated.   http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/22/lytro-announces-illum-light-field-camera?utm_campaign=internal-link&utm_source=news-list&utm_medium=text&ref=title_0
I agree, can people not read "physical size"?  people in glass houses should not throw stones.   Take a chill pill please and when you are done, feel free to come back with a useful response.    It has 40 1 MP sensors, I get it.   How large are they physically, in area dimensions. and I went to the Lytro web site and could not find anything which states PHYSICAL SIZE of each sensor .  
no doubt, lack of viewfinder (optical or electronic), certainly places it firmly into the consumer space.   Someone mentioned that its fixed f2 lens makes the depth of field too shallow.  Actually, I would bet they have the opposite problem in this product.  It does not have enough isolation, likely due to a small physical sensor size. 
I think many people might be curious. However, I think most people who take photography seriously will already know what depth of field and focus they want when they compose the shot; and have the right gear and techique to achieve it.  I think this product may be more for the people who take a "spray and pray" approach to photography or for people who have lots of disposable incoming and just want to play. 
New Posts  All Forums: