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I dont recall Haggar's past comments, but I'd bet your reaction is more based on the past than on what they said in THIS post.   I don't see anything untrue.   If Apple was in this space, I am sure they would "eat their own dog food".  But they are not.   So who cares?
surprised to see a personal attack from you.  Vacation overdue? 
its kind of uApple is not in the space anymore.  They already tried with Xserve. It didn't work out.
non functioning devices?   This offer is only for Apple products. 
You can call it Operating or Advertising expenses. Its some kind of investment for the future. Who cares. I would rather AAPL spend $5B on this kind of operating/advertising expense than the $16B Samsung spends on mud slinging ads. When a company gets powerful, very profitable and has lots of money in the bank, it easily draws criticizm  for being so wealthy and people want to "stick it to the man".  It was brilliant as far as I am concerned when Tim Cook told NCPPR to go...
powerful and emmotional. well done. This would make for a great ad.
I bet the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) is going ape shit over this.   Eat it. 
I think that for Apple it would be in bad taste and counterproductive to highlight its environmental aspirations and do competitive mud slinging in the same sentence.  Apple's customers are smarter than you think and don't need some things spelled out to come to the conclusion you are wanting. When you are trying to distance yourself from the competition and show a leadership role in the industry, you don't need (or want for that matter) to directly draw your potential...
Goto Fail, GnuTLS, HeartBleed.   Now isn't the best time to push this. 
wonder if this will make the news and TV ads tomorrow, since it is "Earth Day".
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