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your point?  doesn't matter which fish eat which fish.  Samsung needs Google more than Google needs Samsung.  Samsung is just a HW manufacturer with a big marketing budget. They can be replaced.
Samsung not strong enough and does not have a wide enough play. Its all about the Google ecosystem which it tightly coupled with Google services.  Samsung is free to try to leave, but someone else will take their place.  Plenty of Chinese guys around with deep pockets like Huawei, Lenovo and up and comers.  Samsung would need to build up effectively a Cloud as large as and with similar services as Apple iCloud including map services to try to compete. We saw how...
If we review history we will notice this will take the same path of the Nokia Meego smartphone efforts. Promises, demo to press, delays and then final realization its "not good enough".  I don't see it happening and the project will get cancelled unless they make some kind of acquisition of a SW company.  Or vs. versa. This is Samsung, folks. They whip out different models by the dozen if they want to. Its not the HW holding them back. Its the SW and they are no SW...
you wouldn't like where I pull the answer out of. 
first, isn't the combined market share of all Android guys larger than Samsung? not that it matters
DED,   I little background that might interest people.   As people are aware Intel has been disperately trying to get into Mobile.  It turns out they are interweaved into what happened to Nokia and Samsung.   Moblin (version 1). Intel created a mobile OS called Moblin  It was effectively a copy of Nokia earlier open source effect with their Nxxx line Mobile Internet devices. Remember N800? It was effectively a stripped down UI based on GTK running on ARM.  Intel...
If Samsung tries to go their own way with a Tizen phone, they would need to decide if they want to market it as premium or low end phones or both.  If they go low end, they would be racing to the bottom and effectively competing against their own Android models.  If they go premium they are going to need to be better than both Apple and their own Android models at the user experience.  Good luck with that one.    more "its not going to be easy"
I think that is what we had before iOS and Android.   No mature Ecosystem, carrier friendly good enough.  Right?   I think it needs to be more than that if you want to get people off Android. Having Samsung abandon Android and convince people to follow them onto Tizen with "carrier friendly good enough" without the mature ecosystem in non starter for most who are already invested into Android App.   On the other hand, I am not saying many are.  Having good user experience...
Either I need to go back and reread more carefully or maybe this could have been empathized more clearly and straight forward as you stated here. I honestly did not pick up this point upon reading the article. Maybe a little bit of both?
I concur. I understood this point exactly as you summarized.  Anyone who got confused needs to go back and reread that editorial.  Google could care less about Android, as long as they have a vessel to be the man in the middle of all consumer interaction with the internet and access to all data being generated by sensors in the user's device.
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