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I think that is the whole point of how they do selective focus.  I'm going to assume that "40 mega-array" means there is an array of 40 (1 MP) sensors stacked over the top of each other. Each capturing at slight offset focal lengths.  You can have a depth of field based on a single focal length with a shallow depth of field, or combine some/all of the other 39 focal length captures to give yourself  a large effective depth of field.
anyone know what is the physical size of the sensor?
don't like it? don't buy it.  Don't need a new keyboard, mouse and display? buy a Mini or a Pro.   Wanna piss on someone's parade? go somewhere else. 
you would be wrong. Paper is a renewable resource.
stack of Macs server'd with fries.
 anyone else feel ill?    either you are trying to tick people off, or you have no idea how much working Apple II's go for on eBay.
they have these  spread out to fill wall space.   "Built on YOUR Inspiration"   "Designed for YOU" "Innovation for ALL" "Steal from the Rich, and give to the Poor".        I may have slipped that last one in there, but it seemed like it fit the narrative. 
rumor has it, Amazon will have that covered.
I think jury will be so confused with Samsung's continued changes in strategy (we didn't do it, Google did it, if we did do it, then it's not worth much. Did we mention Google and Samsung works very hard?)  that the jury will just do this complex formula.   judgement to Apple: ($2.2B - $0.038B)/2
They already tried something similar against Google in this trial.   "You got the wrong guys. They did it, not us, we just reused their stuff.  We are not innovators, we are just a marketing company. Its not about features. We will prove it to you, we will bring in Google and they will tell you that we just copied from them, we are not innovators. You got to believe us!!! The NeXT big thing is other people's stuff. We were just protecting ourselves from the evil iPhone...
New Posts  All Forums: