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You forgot to mention free Windows 10 for a year.    How quickly times have changed.
I wouldn't be surprised for Amazon picks up a reality show with Donald Trump after getting dropped by NBC. 
so... Clarkson's antics were seen as no longer appropriate for the BBC, but some how Apple is seen as more tolerant?
no amazon.com?
what color will they paint these 14 vehicles? will they all be the same model? /s                just kidding.. that's great news.
I don't believe this rumor. They first have to throw out the existing CEO of BB and replace him with a has been from Microsoft. Balmer would be perfect.  Then once he has driven BB into the ground, announce that BB will be switching to Microsoft Phone OS.. and shortly there after acquire BB for pennies on the dollar.  That worked quite well last time. 
no love for AT&T right now.  errrr..    
would that be "myTown"?  Actually, I think Apple is moving away from the "i" branding.  It would be more simply "Apple Town".   Avoids lawsuits that way. 
I like the Maserati in one of the sketches.
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