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This is great example of why the OP said ""i'm sure there is but it will be a bitch""  to his friend and why he should be prepared to waste additional time and money on "geeking out" for a solution. What he really wanted was a cheap product that supported what the AppleTV does well out of the box with his iPad onto his TV. Instead, what he got was wasted time and money on a useless doorstop  Next I supposed someone is going to suggest "geeking out" a bit more with another...
yes. I had the same thought.  reading the fully LA article helps to read between the lines and explain why this got up to the federal level investigation level (FBI).  I don't think they are canceling iPad, just delaying right now.  Contract was NOT lost to Chromebooks.  seems that someone on the school board got their feathers ruffled about this transaction and ask the L.A. county district attorney office to get involved to look for wrong doing. When LA country district...
I got the impression he wanted to raise the bar in education instead of buying the minimal POS solution. Someone didn't like having their proposal rejected. mess with Amazon they send in the DOJmess with Google and Microsoft they send in the FBI.
So after spend another buck on an App and "geeking" with this Chromecast... how long do you think it would it take the OP's friend to get frustrated and give up when he realizes that it doesn't actually do what he wanted it to do??  See the OP original request in red. 
The web site name was choosen perfectly to draw in the audience they seek. good one.
from the article:Reason 1: Chromebooks are for Creating, iPads are for ConsumingReason 2: The App Versus the WebReason 3: The Google Ecosystem for Collaboration I think this boils down to one underlining reason. That is price.    Reason 1. I think what they are saying here is, Chromebooks are already cheaper than iPad and Chromebooks already come with a keyboards. Fair enough. However, I would assert that most kids spend more time consuming than they do creation with...
only rich people can afford to throw away their money on impulse purchases purely based on an item being "cheap".
Our educational system finds it difficult to pay our teachers significantly more than the minimum wage. Is this news really much of a surprise to anyone?
It would be good to see a chart describing what percent of profits Apple takes in comparied to the rest of its competitors in this market segment.
If you were a terrorist, would you depend on Android to keep your secrets? 
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