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Perhaps you are right. Apple keeps saying that the Apple watch "is the most personal device that Apple has created to date". It supports Apple Pay and it knows when you have taken the watch off (i.e. no longer authenticated).    I think this can change the game in more ways that people realize.   What is better than a finger print reader that is used to authenticate you throughout the work day?  no finger print reader at all. 
it is for many.
 Sounds like you feel strongly about their decision not to spending their investor's money on acquiring  Nuance and Synaptic.Perhaps you should let your money do the talking and get out while the stock continues make huge gains.   Clearly Synaptics (SYNA) has been a much better investment than AAPL over the last 6 month when it went from $95/share to $60/share.   /syeah.. Apple really blew it on this one.   Good time to get out of APPL and throw it all into SYNA while it's...
 I think what a lot of people may miss is that Steve Jobs went through an evolutionary transformation over the course of his career and learned a lot along the way based on his past experiences. I think he refined himself and his approach to business as much as he refined his products. Thus, I think the 3 scenes, selected by Sorkin, at different points in his career will represent an interesting look at how the man matured over the years and will try to explain why he...
It may not be based on "that horrible book". Aaron Sorkin: "This movie is based on 3 scenes and 3 scenes only and takes place in real time... 1/2 half hour for the audience will be 1/2 hour for the character on screen..there will be no time cuts. All three scenes take place backstage before product launch.   ..The Mac.. The NeXT [Workstation]... The iPod".  see 3:00 market into the following video for more info:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsWBJ_usRck
they could both use some laxative revenge.
ahh.  that would make more sense.  So whatever "news", regardless of being positive or not,  gave them the most material.
Seems odd that they would give the same recognition to selfless humanitarian efforts from ebola workers as they do to violent protesters who break into local businesses, steal their property and then set them on fire.   Similarly, the same recognition to Tim Cook and Putin?    I guess I don't understand the criteria for "Person of the year" at Time.   Are they trying to balance good and evil? anyone?
You should take your own advice.  You really need to let people be positive about a brand that they passionate about. After all, this is a pro Apple brand forum.  For your own mental health, I urge you to deal with your issue and figure out why need to show your perceived superiority by balancing out common pro Apple viewpoints on here with with your "open minded" negativity.  Why can you not let it go?    Let it go Relic, your act is fooling no one and gaining no respect...
ah.. I think I found the relationship and confusion here.  The founder of Roku briefly took a VP position at Netflix for a 10 month period to help them get into embedded devices after Netflix rolled out playback on PCs and Macs via Silverlight.   However, its important to point out the he remained as chairman of the board at Roku when he took the VP roll at Netflix and then 10 month later returned back as CEO.     so I think we can read between the lines as to what the...
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