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end game is meaningless if you never get there.
gents, I think you are  both in violent agreement? no? 15% of 175B = ~26B
it seems to me that Staples does a lot of clearance on HW.  I get junk mail from them and its always seems to have highly discounted PC's and tablets.  Must more so than Best Buy.
Dick Applebaum,glad we are aligned.  Its not just internet websites. I laugh when people complain about having 1000 channels and there is nothing good to watch.   The content out there is just plain insulting to people's intelligence, IMHO.   Yet, they keep watching and do nothing about it.   Networks keep racking in the money and keep getting bigger.    That's reality unfortunately of our society.   Oh well. Not my problem.  I just tune out and read a book instead of...
as I stated in my post #133, its not hard to figure out why trolls come.  Same reason kids act out.  They want to be heard and feel like people care about what they have to say and that they exist.
Dick Applebaum,I think its important to keep perspective of our roles as posters to AI, the authors, and ultimately the purpose of this website.  AI exists to make money. It does this from mostly from selling ad real estate. The more eyes and time people spend reading the website, the more AI makes.  To get more eyes here, AI hires people draw more Apple fans here (like myself) on a daily basis. Ironically, because it is so active it also attracts trolls like honey. These...
Dick Applebaum,  #1. Passionate author at AI, spends time and effort to research and create an editorial, for a popular website which attracts Apple fans and unfortunately trolls.#2. Reader in pain comes to AI for entertainment (apparently not because she is an Apple fan per your description of her), says how much she thinks nothing has changed without even bothering to read the article.  Call author names and tries to discredit him.  I've heard of grumpy old men that just...
heck no. next one will be about the 2013 Samsung models.  We will see a lawsuit every year until either Samsung stops infringing or they settle.  Apple will attack them like bees defending a raid on their honeycomb. While the stings won't kill, they start adding up. 
not that I trying to promote HDX in any way, but currently Amazon is blowing them out for $199. Which would be $100 cheap than Mini, $200 cheaper than Mini Retina, and $300 cheaper than the Air.   
tookieman2013,I appreciate your honesty. regards. btw, I find that if I complain often enough about the crap I bought for myself, someone that loves me often give me what I really wanted as a gift. Bless their hearts. 
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