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Does not seem much different than the situation with iPad or iPhone packaging to me. 
 The machine could not boot in the video.  A defective unit? I think there is more to this story.
 I had this concern at first until I realized that that this is just the generic cheap USB you will also see on PCs. Look on eBay and you can already start to see various cheap adapters and cables.
Along these lines:"Cataloging patient DNA"
I have both.  I use Aperture's partial library export and merge workflow.  This allow me to work remotely on my rMBP  for both post and tethered capture and then sync up to with the desktop when required.
I think that might be OK, if we can find mobile HW with lots of RAM.  The only limitation that I have found with Aperture is it is a RAM hog. I can not run it very long without at least 16GB of RAM, before it starts paging and thrashing.  C1P does not have this issue.  If I are using using Aperture to view photos and make very little non-destructive edits, its fine.  Do a lot of non-destructive edits to photos and look out.   It pages and thrashes, if I have less than 16GB...
I have some concerns about this approach. One of the things that I really like about Apple software is that it in fact does not have many 3rd party plug-ins or extensions.  Everything is designed by one organization and with a common usage model, flow and design philosophy.   There are not many 3rd party extensions which causes issues when they interoperate with each other or need to get synced up with upcoming base SW changes when new versions are released.  If I wanted...
Would you upgrade to 10.11 if Aperture did not run? I would not. I have C1P, but I just find I am not as efficient with it as Aperture. I have tried many times, but I just keep turning back to Aperture for the speed of its GUI, key bindings and workflow; which I can operate in my sleep.  C1P produces some great quality results, it just takes a long time for me to get those results.  I suspect I will resist any changes from Apple that prevents me from using Aperture in the...
seems rather odd to use cords for headphones designed for sports use.  however, I'm not in marketing so who the heck am I to question.
MS was complete crap for the BMW also. This is why it didn't get past first gen roll out on 7 series.
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