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this happens every time iPhone is released.  last time it was someone demonstrating how its possible to copy fingerprints and fool touch ID.  Now its people trying to bend phones. Anything to get some media attention.  how come no one is bending iPad mini's or Macbook Airs?
nice choice of photos.
Although it would make for bad marketing, logically it would make more sense if it was:iPhone 6-iPhone 6iPhone 6+
4" - iphone 6 lean 4.7" - iphone 6 meToo 5.5" - iphone 6 gross
Someone at HP wants to give the search giant, Google, access to all HP enterprise level documents? What well thought out plan!
its not up to Apple.  As I understand it these are just maps to unicode.   Get "motorcycle" assigned to a unicode value first. http://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode
AI Editors.  It would be great if tips like this were posted more often here on regular basis.   I didn't know about the timestamps, very helpful. thanks
Most Favor Nation's clause would have helped B&N because it would put an end to Amazon's predatory pricing attacks which is killing off sellers like B&N.   The issue is the only thing B&N has to sell is books. They can't continue to take a loss in books and make it up in other areas like Amazon can. B&N's demise has little to do with competition from Apple's bookstore and all to do with Amazon's predatory pricing in books.  The Prime stuff is also upsetting and has turned...
Why would Apple want to buy at cheapest wholesale price? They wanted an agency model which was designed such that Apple always gets 30% profit, regardless of price to be set by the publishers.
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