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Euphonious, please don't take Daniels comments out of context.  Lets look at the whole paragraph including the TOPIC sentence.   regarding foaming at the month.  Any praise for Apple makes people come here foaming at the mouth with evidence they didn't even bother to read the whole article.  This is the whole point of what Daniel said. Please don't remove that part. That was the whole point of the paragraph and why that was stated first. 
Relic,I got to hand it to you for "sticking it to Amazon (the man)" by taking advantage of their business model.  Buying their HW at or below cost, then turning around and gutting their plans to recoup costs by hacking it to not use any Amazon content or services.  Good thing everyone is not as clever as you or Amazon's stock would plummet. 
The iPad's biggest competitor is the iPad Mini.   Or would that be its smallest?   darn them!! decisions decisions.
fact, figures, and statistics.. those just lead to embarrassment.  Its better to just pull things out of a dark place and cash the check.
Thanks for clarifying.  we would have still been wondering why you are coming to this site if you had not spelled it out for us. /s
all 20000 people doing serious financial analysis using Office.  Impressive.  What do they do for fun?
"Its would be nice to have non-Apple product for once" summarizes what is the matter with the poster. In other words,  "Anything but Apple" is the sole motivation. 
nice troll bait.
DewMe,When I can get away with it I use OmniGraffle from Omni Group instead of Visio. OmniGraffle's roots are from NeXTSTEP, where it was a clone of the app called "Diagram" from Lighthouse Design, where it was a "magical" experience for me, like so many other NeXTSTEP OS apps when I used my NeXT Workstation.  Ironically, Visio is also a clone of "Diagram" from NeXTSTEP but written for Windows. Here is some history that might interest you about the relationship of Visio to...
You might laugh at this.   For the past few years most students in my district were required to carry USB thumb drives to save their work at school and allow to take home for subsequent editiing . The school district has historically used MS Office on PCs.  This year however, I saw something quite different. Students were given the option to use Google Docs instead of Office and bypass the need for USB thumb drive. Unfortunately, this required that students create a Google...
New Posts  All Forums: