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"Its would be nice to have non-Apple product for once" summarizes what is the matter with the poster. In other words,  "Anything but Apple" is the sole motivation. 
nice troll bait.
DewMe,When I can get away with it I use OmniGraffle from Omni Group instead of Visio. OmniGraffle's roots are from NeXTSTEP, where it was a clone of the app called "Diagram" from Lighthouse Design, where it was a "magical" experience for me, like so many other NeXTSTEP OS apps when I used my NeXT Workstation.  Ironically, Visio is also a clone of "Diagram" from NeXTSTEP but written for Windows. Here is some history that might interest you about the relationship of Visio to...
You might laugh at this.   For the past few years most students in my district were required to carry USB thumb drives to save their work at school and allow to take home for subsequent editiing . The school district has historically used MS Office on PCs.  This year however, I saw something quite different. Students were given the option to use Google Docs instead of Office and bypass the need for USB thumb drive. Unfortunately, this required that students create a Google...
Bob,I just learned about this myself today thanks to  mstone. so I think I can help.   I just did a "print to PDF" from 10.9 and looked at the document header. It gave me PDF version 1.3 output.  Review this link below to see what features came after version 1.3.   This is assuming OS X "Preview" application does not attempt to support all of Adobe's additions after 1.3.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Document_Format
you must be looking at some other info.  10.5.8 supported versions are Acrobat 9.x and 10.x.  Linux only goes up to Acrobat Read 9.x
you are confusing objectivity with hatred. I think PDF is great. They just need to stop changing it in pursuit of profits via continual upgrade cycles to stay current.  Continually pushing it makes it no better than Flash. Both from portability and security.  PDF was establish as a good portable format years ago. They should have stopped there.  Now they are embedding Flash, 3D objects and all sorts of crap into it which makes its less than portable.  Just how in the heck...
while you are picking on iWork not running on Lion, you may want to go check out of the latest "free" portable Acrobat Reader runs on Lion. I'll save you the trouble. It doesn't.   
sending me a document which requires me to go get and install first party software by definition makes it not portable.  Making something free, does not make it portable either. people send me email with JPEGs and HTML,  I don't need to go get a third party plug in see this content on pretty much any platform and any email client without requirement to install any first party software. That is portability.
sorry.  are you trying to debate with me that the document that iWorks produces are supposed to be an portable format and are not?  no contest. Where did you ever get that idea? also, lets not confuse free with "Portable".  iWorks is free, no one said its portable.  So is Acrobat Reader.  If you send me a PDF document via email and I can't read it on my iOS, OS X, Windows, Linux device without requirement me to go get and install latest version of Acrobat Reader, then I'd...
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