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Amazing how much people can spin thing when quotes are taken out of contexts. Sanity. Go Apple.
why? visualization can be more powerful then simply text. I'll happily take the pie charts over the tables. 
got data or just speculation?
Deja Vu
Its not because Samsung lacks ideas of their own. It seems to me that someone in Samsung holds Apple's design at higher level then their own internal ones. This has got to be frustrating to engineers within Samsung.  "look what I have been working on sir.  quiet! the adults are talking" 
iPhone 4 - released June 2010, officially updatable to the current iOS 7.1.
..but, but, Chromecast.
at least they had the sense to use some code names. They just did not take it far enough.  If they had all this would be gibberish.  I'd start with code names for competitors.i.e. DespicableMe  = GoogleMinion = AndroidGru = Sergey BrinKamino = SamsungBuyNLarge = Amazon
the $2B loss over this "patent"case looks like a better and better deal every day. 
this case is about patents, right? I see nothing in this email of any help to Samsung. Why was this document even placed into Exhibit? Just to be a menance? 
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