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Our educational system finds it difficult to pay our teachers significantly more than the minimum wage. Is this news really much of a surprise to anyone?
It would be good to see a chart describing what percent of profits Apple takes in comparied to the rest of its competitors in this market segment.
If you were a terrorist, would you depend on Android to keep your secrets? 
"its not guns the kill people, it Apple's encryption that kills people"
I hope they cast Steve Wozniak for the role of Seth Rogen in "Making of the Steve Jobs Movie"
when this is all over, they should make a movie about the drama which happened over the making of this movie. 
Flow is easier to say. However, I'm not sure it correctly explains its function.
if Sony pulls this off then its only a matter of time before Apple, Netflix and Amazon offer the same kind of service.
Now that Samsung's Android marketshare has dropped rapidly over the past year, does it even still make sense for an Android developer to lock themselves into an Samsung specific ecosystem?  Seems like a shrinking value proposition now that the Android ecosystem is no longer mostly Samsung. 
New Posts  All Forums: