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this case is about patents, right? I see nothing in this email of any help to Samsung. Why was this document even placed into Exhibit? Just to be a menance? 
I love the way people take things out of context.  Lets look at the entire quote: "- Strategy: stay in the living room game and make a great "must have" accessory for iOS devices" honestly, you are trying too hard. 
  at what point do you think we get to the "foolish" part in your assertion? have a good weekend. my work here is done.
hmm.. someone who buys a crappy device from a brand is going to come back and spend even MORE money on that brand in the future to buy a higher end product.   Foolish to believe otherwise, you say!      No doubt there is the term "foolish" somewhere here in your logical assertion, but I think the placement of that term is somehow not in the right spot. 
you missed Suddently Newton's point entirely. Its the way that Apple ignores the competition's challenges to race to the bottom at all cost,  and instead blaze their own trail on their own schedule that continues to make them the respected and feared underdog.    No matter how large they have become.  Who else does that in this industry? Or is your definition of underdog, the guy that makes 150 different models of something and throws it at the wall, or announces vaporware...
 What's next bringing in the author of "Haunted Empire" as a character witness for the defense?
you have at least two choices to try to compete. #1 bring up your game in an attempt to satifisty customers like this with higher quality builds like HTC One#2. see if you have any affect by trying even harder to appeal to their wallet by making even cheaper junk. 
kind of hurts their efforts to show that the patents were not worth much when you compare it to what they are trying to say in this side show.  Pick an angle Samsung and stick to it.  If you are trying to show that you really hurt Apple because you are powerful with consumers then its hurts your "the patents are not worth much" argument.
seems like Samsung knows its going to lose and presenting evidence which has no bearing what so ever on winning the trial. Maybe they see this as free advertising or a way to hurt Apple somehow by mocking them.  When you spend 16 billon on ads, making most out of losing 2 billion this trial seems like a good way to promote Samsung and hurt Apple in the process.
I had a problem when I was using a case which had a raised lip around that outside that prevented me from making full contact with my thumb at the bottom of the sensor.   Replace my case with a different design and it works very well now. 
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