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my thoughts exactly.   lets wait and see. 
that or "Magic wand"
If you know what you are doing and confident in yourself you may want to consider a career change. It likely pays a lot better than what you or I make in our real day jobs.   I personally won't pretend to be able to present a case for acquisition valuation for either Dropbox, Beats or any other company that wants to put itself up for sale.   Anyone, who attempts to do the same here that has no inside knowledge of either company or the professional background to do such...
Then wouldn't it be prudent to not say so in your post?   again, looks like more and more like you are trying to gracefully back away from eating crow. Im done.  For a guy you tries very hard to look open minded, you failed today.   Very uncharacteristic of you and surprising.  I'm very surprised.
Did you even look at the  Huffington Post article which state there was a meeting 1 year ago between Beats (Iovine) and Apple (Cook)? Pretty sure 1 year ago is less than 15 years and quite relevant, no?  Here is what I see and I could be wrong, but to me it appears that you made bold statement that you think the first report was BS (from Financial Times and confirm by separate source from USAToday), and now after this second report NY Post report, you are trying to slowing...
yeah.. this guy is connected.
I don't work at Apple, nor was I a fly on the wall in past meetings between Apple and Beats.   Both the initial meeting in March of 2013 and any subsequent ones.   Thus ask me why $3.2B in a bit absurd, I am going to repeat what I said in the other thread. No one knows what was offered, what Beats has been being worked on prior to announcement and what the angle is, except people who were in those meetings.  As to worth, too high or too low, as I stated in previous thread,...
Jimmy Iovine was instrumental to allowing the first major music label to sign with Apple for the iTunes store  back in 2001. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/apple-beats_n_2815676.html "The meeting between Cook and Iovine, who is also chairman of music company Interscope-Geffen-A&M, was "informational" and covered a broad range of music-related topics, the sources said." "Iovine, [...], has a long association with Apple and was one of the first music industry...
lol.Makes even more sense if Apple buys Beats as a wholly owned subsidiary.   keeps licenses and successful brand in place, while Apple pulls the puppet strings in their favor.  For all those doubters, all I got to say, is evidence continues to mount from different media sources.  Still think its an absurd rumor? 
hardly absurd  considering Apple meet with Beats, one year prior to this "Fools" joke. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/apple-beats_n_2815676.html
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