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frankly, that is up to you and something you should work on for your own sanity and self confidence.
pazuzu,exactly.. it's call a weasel game.  lets just drop this. Just tell SolipsismX he is right as always and be done with this noise.
when they have no self confidence in themselves and will not leave things alone until they hear what they want to hear.  I figure based on the amazing post count you have compared to mine in the the same period, "keeping face" so important to you that you will stop at nothing. All the time doing damage to yourself they more you prolog denying  your change in position. I'm trying to stop debating this because I frankly have already made my point. enough is enough. Its all...
I guess I am daft then per your analysis and expert guidance. After all, you have 16000 posts in the same period I have only had 1100.  I know when to quit trying to reason with an addict .  You win.  I'm done. and if the poster wanted to put things into full context,  they would have posted my entire sentence which stated the condition at the very end."If Apple was smart they would choose today as a day to buyback some more stock if the lowered stock price had anything to...
sorry? come again? what are you trying to say?
I don't waste my time with people who are trying to set me up with weasel games.  Anyone who has (or wants to) carefully review our dialog can see your change in positioning. very surprised to see you taking on this approach, I am shocked to see you heading down this path used so often by trolls here and the things you have been posting about this for the past 2 days. It's out of character for you.
exactly.     Important enough for CEO to meet CEO face to face, 1 year ago.   The companies comments said it was an "informal" meeting in the article, which is laughable.  CEO don't go around informally meeting face to face.  If and when they do, that happens at a public event or dinner out.
if true, then Apple would be buying today and make good use out of the buyback program funds
we are aligned and pretty much the same thing I have been saying. bravo. Wait and see what happens and why. Everything else on here will be noise and SWAGs.
most of the market is down. big whoop.  If Apple was smart they would choose today as a day to buyback some more stock if the lowered stock price had anything to do with people who don't know shit about the deal and true value to the company in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: