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what would be the need to use Acrobat Pro on a Mac?  I'm not trying to set you up here. I honestly, don't know. I thought Acrobat Pro's whole reason for existing was to produce PDF documents.  With Mac you just select "print to PDF" to accomplish that goal.   What am I missing??
I tend to agree with this.  Most IT departments have a standard install set (or images) on all machines.  Regardless if and how often the tools will get used by each specific employee.  This allows various departments to compose documents in a format that they know everyone can read.  How often someone is required to compose depends on their role.  Which is a "don't care" form an IT point of view.  For most IT departments, I think it would create too much headache to try...
I use it all the time in my profession.   except I learned it to mean "Simple Wild Ass Guess".   But I think your version is funnier. 
oh oh .. speechless? sorry.. I'm not playing. game over.
gonna have to try harder.  My goat and I are having a beer laughing. 
I have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. Any more so would just be offensive and mean. I've said my honest peace and I'm done. I think he and I both know where we stand. enough.  As for the game you are playing, give me some credit dude. Not gonna happen.
 yes..  it felt like I was starting to be a bit too offense. sorry about that.glad we are aligned and we both know who we are dealing with on both sides. 
like I said. classy. 
lol, talk about horse shoes and hand grenades batman. 
too funny.. I see you are practicing exactly what assert in your last paragraph.  Touche and a hat tip to you.
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