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you must be looking at some other info.  10.5.8 supported versions are Acrobat 9.x and 10.x.  Linux only goes up to Acrobat Read 9.x
you are confusing objectivity with hatred. I think PDF is great. They just need to stop changing it in pursuit of profits via continual upgrade cycles to stay current.  Continually pushing it makes it no better than Flash. Both from portability and security.  PDF was establish as a good portable format years ago. They should have stopped there.  Now they are embedding Flash, 3D objects and all sorts of crap into it which makes its less than portable.  Just how in the heck...
while you are picking on iWork not running on Lion, you may want to go check out of the latest "free" portable Acrobat Reader runs on Lion. I'll save you the trouble. It doesn't.   
sending me a document which requires me to go get and install first party software by definition makes it not portable.  Making something free, does not make it portable either. people send me email with JPEGs and HTML,  I don't need to go get a third party plug in see this content on pretty much any platform and any email client without requirement to install any first party software. That is portability.
sorry.  are you trying to debate with me that the document that iWorks produces are supposed to be an portable format and are not?  no contest. Where did you ever get that idea? also, lets not confuse free with "Portable".  iWorks is free, no one said its portable.  So is Acrobat Reader.  If you send me a PDF document via email and I can't read it on my iOS, OS X, Windows, Linux device without requirement me to go get and install latest version of Acrobat Reader, then I'd...
seems to me we are witnessing that same sort of problem we saw with the progression of Adobe Flash.  Wonder how much of this is due to Adobe's need to keep doing development on a product in order to force upgrades.  I guess they simply can't figure out how to stop development on a product before it becomes a basket case from overdevelopment.    The fact that we have a "Portable Document Format" keeps changing and generates incompatible documents unless you have the latest...
I think for people in your position who do not depend on a large collaborative effort with others using Microsoft Office, I think you can pretty much use anything you want.  Consider yourself one of the luck ones. Congrats. I bet there are even people on this Forum that will tell you they get along just fine with LaTex and Emacs on Linux for all sort of Office tasks.  If not on here, then surely you will run into these people at Open Source conferences.
this last point is very good.   Also a reason not to upgrade to a new version of Office or Windows for some people. 
this was helpful, thanks.
reading more about PDF changes between Mac OS X "print to PDF" generated version 1.3 and latest Adobe Pro generated version 1.7, looks like Mac "print to PDF" users are missing out on further encryption algorithm options, embedding JPEG2000, XML forms, 3D models, Javascript and Flash. 
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