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most of the market is down. big whoop.  If Apple was smart they would choose today as a day to buyback some more stock if the lowered stock price had anything to do with people who don't know shit about the deal and true value to the company in the future.
Give it a rest SolipsismX.  flat out lying about what I said is not helping your desire to appear open minded and fair. You are welcome to quote and post where I said what you claim and if not you by you, then anyone else is welcome to review what I said for themselves. btw, need more sandbags or are you ready to start picking out condiments to go with that crow?  You have pretty much done a 180 from where you started about this can not possibly true because YOU and anyone...
 Let me make this clear. Feel free to give your opinion and SWAGs.  I for one am not interested in debating with opinion and generating scientific wild ass guesses out of my butt.  So please... proceed and ignore me.  Hope you find what you are looking for from this forum through this approach and are satisfied with it.
exactly! we finally agree. This is a common phrase that one use's when you are being asked to provide an accurate number when in fact you have no freaking clue or accurate information which will lead you with any hope to even come close. 
Myself and other here are not looking for opinion... just as it was clear that he was not looking for opinion either from other posters either that he has tried to shutdown. He wanted hard facts and evidence and information that is accurate.  That is fair, I think we are all looking for that.    I think we all know how much we value opinion here on AI.  The only thing they are good for is endless debate and frankly a waste of time. If he wants to have a debate based on...
sorry, I have not been able to provide you with any insider information about the evaluation of Beats valuation.  When you find someone on AppleInsider who has this insider information and has the professional skill to provide you a summation of total company value, please let me know.  Until such time, all valuation I for one will consider a scientific wild ass guess from AI forum speculators such as yourself and a waste of time in determining if reports of acquisition...
my thoughts exactly.   lets wait and see. 
that or "Magic wand"
If you know what you are doing and confident in yourself you may want to consider a career change. It likely pays a lot better than what you or I make in our real day jobs.   I personally won't pretend to be able to present a case for acquisition valuation for either Dropbox, Beats or any other company that wants to put itself up for sale.   Anyone, who attempts to do the same here that has no inside knowledge of either company or the professional background to do such...
Then wouldn't it be prudent to not say so in your post?   again, looks like more and more like you are trying to gracefully back away from eating crow. Im done.  For a guy you tries very hard to look open minded, you failed today.   Very uncharacteristic of you and surprising.  I'm very surprised.
New Posts  All Forums: