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gonna have to try harder.  My goat and I are having a beer laughing. 
I have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. Any more so would just be offensive and mean. I've said my honest peace and I'm done. I think he and I both know where we stand. enough.  As for the game you are playing, give me some credit dude. Not gonna happen.
 yes..  it felt like I was starting to be a bit too offense. sorry about that.glad we are aligned and we both know who we are dealing with on both sides. 
like I said. classy. 
lol, talk about horse shoes and hand grenades batman. 
too funny.. I see you are practicing exactly what assert in your last paragraph.  Touche and a hat tip to you.
thanks for the complement.  Actually the difference between you and I is that I am fully aware that there are plenty of people smarter than I. When I am wrong, I am quick to admit it here and don't try to take things out of context, split hairs or attempt to weasel my way in some hope into winning some pointless debate.  I don't try to play dummy, holding an ace in by back pocket, trying to lure people in traps either. When I am wrong, I admit it. and say sorry, I was...
oh GG, you are amazing. LOL.
remember you link about the Android malware only amounting to 0.0001% of downloads. recall we concluded that 0.0001% figure in the article was actually the amount of people who choose to do nothing after being warned by Google that they detected malware on their devices.   Do you agree that your claim that only 0.0001% of Android downloads have malware was purposely taken out of context?  Or do we need to review that thread and article again?   either you misread it, or...
I am confident SolipsismX knows all this.   Again, it the guy who appears moderate that hopes to win over people to his side.  Its obvious to me we have people on both sides of the argument that use this tactic day in and day out. Its just another day in politics.
New Posts  All Forums: