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Dan, Google denied scanning for ads. in  Sept. 2013.  Unlike Microsoft who clealyr says they do not scan for ads in this same article.      http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/09/05/google-seeks-to-dismiss-gmail-privacy-lawsuit-says-it-has-right-to-scan/   7 months later Google admitted it does in fact scan to target ads at you, and says it has updated privacy notice accordly....
Dan,explain why they would scan your gmail account? when they have openly said in court that they do and why they do this.  
You are correct when it comes to purely "anonymous" people who use anonymous services such as "Google search", if you can keep your browser from using cookies.  However, there are services which are not anonymous and don't use any cookies, but are linked to direct google accounts before they will work like Google Mail, G+, Google Glass, Google Android, etc etc.   All of these generate revenue by collecting your personel user information and all communications you have with...
Google has nothing to sell except your information and other cloud services.. It does not make Ads. It sells your information to people who make Ads and places their ads in front of people on the internet.   That is why it is an Internet "information provider". It provides your information to others (anyone who will pay them, no questions asked, including spammers, scammers and other criminals). From Google's point of view, you are not the customer, you are their product...
If I am an investor picking the one that is Winning and being right, is completely meaningful.    Meaningful all the way to the bank.   Knowing when to get out before it is obvious that it is "Losing" is just as meaningful.    Where a company is 10, 20, 100, 300, 500 years from now. I could care less. Thus meaningless.
pretty sure this means,   revenue is less meaningful when compared to profit/loss. If we look at the US Internal Revenue Service and the Government as a single "company" if you will.  In 2012, the IRS generated $2.5 trillion of revenue. I ask you to look at the US balance sheet and tell me they are "Winning" when you compare it to the debt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_tax_revenue_by_state
If you believe that then this would mean that there is no end. Thus end game is meaningless.   this is why the poster used the word "winning" and not "won" .  Winng would represent a summary of all events which lead up to the present and a prediction on future trend. Won would represent represent the final outcome. You are right, anything can happen tomorrow, but is not what the word "winning" means. In terms of profits per quarter, which do have closure on a per quarter...
end game is meaningless if you never get there.
gents, I think you are  both in violent agreement? no? 15% of 175B = ~26B
it seems to me that Staples does a lot of clearance on HW.  I get junk mail from them and its always seems to have highly discounted PC's and tablets.  Must more so than Best Buy.
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