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It is so bad that it gives bad movies a good name. What is most annoying about this movie is that the makers never heard of a steady cam. If you are scared well you are scared of your shadow; you should see instead Signs even though the ending is very violent.
Anything by Wilbur Smith
Here is one person that can answer your questions; the fireworks are a competition that takes place all during summer and the winner will give another performance at the end. The Francopholies is a French cultural festival that includes all the francophones in the world. Soon you will have the Just for Laugh festival and then the Cinema festival in August.
I am reading a book call the Pope against the Jews and I realize that it is a good thing to live in the 21st century when the church does not have any more power on the people. But, I still do not understand the determination of the Christians to harrass people of other religions like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism. Why don't they concentrate on the Christians that are not Christians instead.
There is nothing wrong in exploring self-pleasuring techniques like masturbation, and the men that refuse to let their wives to it are very insecure.
I want to learn Russian and German starting in September; should I learn only Russian or German or both. Is it a good thing in Europe to know 4 languages here in Canada it has no bearing on the lousy jobs you get. Also, should I sue my ex-landlady, she deducted money from my damage deposit to clean the place which was cleaned but not spotless; and she charged for batteries that were dead and I did not replace; she made my life a living hell; I managed the place paying...
In my case I want to become Jewish because I believe in God and I admire the Jewish people because of their courage.
For the living: Steve Jobs Larry Ellison Bill Clinton Tony Blair Vladimir Putin For the dead: Thomas Jefferson (Wonder about the thing all men created equal) Victor Hugo Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleonor Roosevelt Isaac Newton In the future: My son (whom I am going to have one day with the man I love)
My main point is that in Canada the medias have no power whatsover except repeat what the government has to say; instead in Europe and the United States it is very powerful. I much prefer a powerful media because the government tends to be less corrupt; I guess in these countries the people care about corruption.
How do you explain the fact that the medias are so very powerful in Europe and the United States and have such a weak impact in Canada. I am thinking about the last G8 summit where I was a volunteer and the world medias were shock not to have access to their leaders and said that they would remember it for a long time. In Canada it was not a big deal and the people around me said that they did not care about what reporters had to say because they were prima donnas. Once...
New Posts  All Forums: