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Alcimedes is probably right. Not saying that this is necessarily correct, but the UrbanDictionary.com definition of "whole nine yards" does have more to do with machine gun belts than boat sails.
*bump* We need a "Most likely to be banned forever" category.
Way to not read the thread. This has been discussed. :P PCs on Apple's site are nothing new. The fact that it's an HP says something, though.
For mentioning my name at all, I nominate DEFIANT.
You know, it's really too bad you can't purchase replacement sarcasm and humor sensors over the internet. Looks like an expensive trip to a specialty clinic is in line for you.
Some more photos and info are here... A relevant quote from that page:
No...the political threads serve to drive away those to love to participate in discussion that doesn't make you want to kill people. The Clinically Elite know what I'm talking about...I loved AO when Fireside Chat was around.The sub-forum doesn't need to do anything for the political threads. In fact, I would like to see less of them.
Green Bay just won in overtime...Harris ran an interception back for the TD. Time to see how Denver @ Indianapolis goes.
It kind of has that already...for over a year in fact.
The AppleInsider forums and the MacNN forums still have the same IP address, so I assume that the forums are still hosted by MacNN. But AppleInsider was acquired by another entity...
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