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what in the world is quark thinking with their web features. noone cares. if you want something on the web you make a pdf out of it. done. But hey at least i'll be able to move to X soon.
I just got down writing a relatively long post for a common question. How about you start a FAQ forum, one thread for suggestions on what to do for a faq, one thread for the actual user submitted faqs, and each faq then has its own thread which can only be created by a moderator.
confusing post but ill try. Your cable modem will plug into the internet(WAN) side of your router. Then your computer will plug into the network(LAN) side of the router. Your router will receive, by dhcp, ip information from the cable modem. Usually, if the router is on all the time it will renew its lease before it expires. Which means it will try to keep the same info. However, even if this doesnt happen, a dhcp server is usually smart enough that it will try to...
rounders - matt damon gambles, some you win some you lose fight club - two guys startup a fight club, or do they donnie darko - a 6 foot tall bunny that tells donny to do bad stuff or is he just showing him his options. fievel, an american tail - one of the greatest cartoon movies ever, fievel mousekewitz travels to america with has family from russia, but gets lost and must fight cats and find his family(somewhere out there) mullholland drive - two girls, some lesbian...
but i don't think OSX will ever see a "Journaled File System" search google for "SoftUpdates" Darwin is based on BSD after all right? But yes Labels will probably only be available once someone creates a haxie, Apple does a hack job, or a new/updated file system is introduced. Snax from cocoatech has label support though .
I'm not positive with the new IBM/Apple processor and architecture or whatever, but the rest of the PC industry will be moving to a hypertransport bus, but with "3GIO/PCI-Express" interface cards. Or at least thats what I understand. It might turn into the ISA PCI thing where you get two slots of each, one PCI and one PCI-Express, or whatever combo Apple feels is best. Apple would be smart to follow the rest of the industry with the whole PCI-Express thing. *note -...
ha, cats!
first, congrats on the ibook. i love mine . The airport base station does not have a firewall, but i believe it does NAT or PAT, basically your ip address is safe because any hackers will be trying to hack your basestation and wont be able to get to your pc. Unless they really wanted to, but you couldnt really stop that unless you bought like a cisco pix firewall, which equals $600 or so. Also if you're using OSX it has a builtin firewall, its in the preference panel...
Anandtech.com has some great faqs. and their forums are great if you also belong to teh dark side. All faqs Ram faq
i can just picture ebby finally running into the room with the microwave, yelling some profanity 802.11 2.4GHZ things at it then kicking it really really hard.
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