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 Please point out the example of "blatant trolling" and explain why you are characterizing it that way.  If you can't I will dismiss your assertion.
 If somebody wants to have their genitals creatively mutilated and to have their bodies pumped full of hormones from the opposite sex that's their choice.  But that is all that happened.  A man was not transformed into a woman or vice versa.
 What did I say that you consider to be "blatant trolling"?  Or are you just trying to silence somebody of whom you are intolerant?
I remember, not long ago, when Apple was known for it's amazing new products and features and not the politically controversial remarks of its CEO.  I guess with Jobs gone Cook needs to keep the company in the headlines somehow.
Keep trying guys.  The grocery list is finished.  I am taking off now.  Not because I can't respond but because I have to get back with tonight's supper.  There is a very strong likelihood that I will check out your responses because they will probably once again mischaracterize what I said and I will have to set the record straight once again.   ^ ...how's that?  ;-)
 No.  I pointed out how you were conflating several things together and not really responding to the point I made.  I corrected you when you mischaracterized me.
 I said "I may return later to see what you have come up with to respond".  You said "So your response is that you can't respond." You just cannot engage me without mischaracterizing what I said can you?
To anybody else who may be following this notice how these two people with whom I am having this discussion are not really able to make a point in response to what I said.   My point was that passing new laws pertaining to employment and discrimination in hiring practices could well saddle Apple with lawsuits arising from that law.  To me it doesn't make much sense for a business to willingly call for the saddling of itself with such a potential liability.  These people...
 Respond to what I actually said not what you misquoted me as having said.
 Where did I say that I couldn't respond?  Once again, you are making things up that I didn't say so that you have something more convenient to respond to.  Why don't you demonstrate a little more capability and respond to my point about how you are conflating things.  Explain how that is wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: