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...blah blah blah...I love Zidane.
...freaking hilarious!!!
...as someone who has use a quad powermac with 4gigs of memory and 10K drives (2), I assure you would want one.
Check this out. Quite frankly, it is really-really simple with a peecee. Don't forget about Patchburn . PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110D: Firmware Revisiont1.39 InterconnecttATAPI Burn SupporttYes (Vendor Supported) Profile Patht/Library/DiscRecording/DeviceProfiles/PatchBurn-pioneerdvdrwdvr110d.drprofile Cachet2000 KB Reads DVDtYes CD-Writet-R, -RW DVD-Writet-R, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL Burn Underrun Protection CDtYes Burn Underrun Protection...
evocam was the first suggestion i got from a friend and coworker
hey, QT Broadcaster looks promising Thanks!
How do you setup two iSights as webcams? Something like for a mom to check on her daughter and dogs from work. Please help.
...when you link to paypal, make sure to use https. Ala Paypal
...with photoshop/imageready: just minimize the optimization/jpeg quality.
>>if you missed 'em and they're not on the guardian site let me know. Yes, I would like to get them too.
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