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.......and I acknowledge that there may be the rare company within these industries that is not corrupt - but if they exist - I haven't come across them! There is a mobile company in the U.S. you may want to take a look at. Email me yourenergyguy@yahoo.com
  LOL forget about all of that. Look at that crazy game of Pong!!! LOL
It is funny watching that video. all those computers and monitors on the table.  We have come along ways in a short amount of time. All that he was talking about we do with our phones. lol   Momma was having fun with her all in one computer (Macs) and dad was stressed out with his room full of computers (Windows machines).   They have flat screen. lol
I hope not. They will never be able to give me what I have envisioned Siri to look like.  One fine black woman in a bikini with huge T&A. LOL
I guess they are trying to convince me to give up my iPad for their look-a-like poly-carbon laptop. They don't get the difference between tablets and laptops. Let me help them, iPad is a tablet (no keyboard required), their product is a laptop with a removable keyboard (required). Have they shown this thing working in portrait mode?  Its funny how you tout a keyboard but cant show off using that thing ing portrait mode.
I agree with most post on this board. What I hate most is the all white theme. I hate the way iMessage, Notes, iMail, Game Center and iTunes looks.  When typing in iMessage, Notes, iMail its like typing into a flashlight, no matter how much you adjust the brightness its still too bright. iTunes?. Well what a mess the icons the menus, things that was obvious like (Up Next) button are missing. I use Remote to DJ thru the MacBook Pro where I keep my music, it sucks now trying...
WE DON'T WANT IT!  Another MS empty promised product that is late to the game. Why would I want to pay for a subscription to a product that won't get updated as frequently as the windows version. iWorks is free and very capable of doing what i need across all of my apple devices. I am sure there are people who need it, not me, I cut that cord a long time ago.
 You won't find them. The employees will have them. lol  Microsoft needs to compete against Android and Black Berry. It's sad that Microsoft thinks their Surface tablets and phones can take on Apple's iDevices. Thats like taking a mountain down with a shovel. Good Luck
 Then they need a "Here comes a BUS" app. Look Up. lol
I won't try to figure out GTFO, maybe thats the girl version of UTFO. LOL.  I don't think he is considering a Galaxy over an iPhone. I want the unlocked version of the iPhone (c) and (s). The (c) for my wife who don't care about specs, the (s) for me because I kind of do care. You know more bang for your buck. The high end (c) same price as low end (s). Man that puts the brakes on. Now I have to justify the price of the (c).  I know you was speaking sarcasm. I just want to...
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