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At first glance when I read the headline and caption, I said Gimmick!  Why do I want my phone to tell me I am at church when I am looking right at it. LOL
 Wrong! Nobody thinks like that. Try again!
 This is a fun product. But at these prices, it should have the same processor as the iPhone(s)
Please can I name the next one!!!???........ "NERDS"
You are so right. I started my work day getting ready to scroll down to pick something for Safari to read for me while I worked. I saw this and burst out laughing.   iPhone and the "Un-Carrier" helped the bleeding to stop. If it was their message by itself, then they could have rolled out the "Un-Carrier" on Android with out the iPhone. LOL
Is this the Motorola Q phone for $99 Balmer was talking about? "It do music, do internet, do email, and do instant messaging". LOL he loves their strategy
I guess Microsoft wont be sitting back waiting to see what happens. You can say Apple will make a smart glove and every company will have a smart glove in development. Gone are the good old days of CEOs saying crap like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eywi0h_Y5_U&sns=em
OSX 11 "Chihuahua"
Sorry to add MicroSoft to this, but for them to compete they will need to sell office for the ipad. MicroSoft said they will offer office for the pad, but knowing them it will be a watered down version and always "to be delivered later this year". lol
LOL good one. It's Apple's iDevices or other. Just two choices.
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