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Wow. This is serious for MS this may be another ME, Vista problem
LOL. You mean you haven't seen those long lines outside of retail stores for this thing. Surely you jest!.. This tablet is never shown in "Portrait" mode lol.
They finally made that big a$$ table fit in your hand, and people still don't want it. Well I guess it can take up shelf space at your local retail stores.
Good luck with that.
That may be true. I think they could have shown the lock screen or put a Flower or any picture on the screen. You know they could have used the white iPhone to compare with.
They are only showing a small section of the iPhone and with the screen off. I guess they don't want people to compare the Retina Display vs their HD screen. Its funny how the GS III has more visible phone showing and the iPhone is cropped more.  
That's what I was thinking. And if it was stolen why bother fixing a flat? LOL   "Police allege that Howard popped two of the tires on the BMW. After the burglary took place, he reportedly changed one tire near the store, while the other flat was allegedly addressed with a stolen can of Fix-A-Flat from a nearby 7-11. Howard, however, reportedly failed to repair the flat tires on his vehicle, and the BMW was abandoned about a mile from the Temecula Apple Store."   Now the...
+1  or metro turn by turn
Which was probably right across the street. LOL Just for laughs.
I don't think the car was stolen. The nut came back for the license plate. LOL    "The suspect was apprehended by the Riverside Sheriff's Office when he returned to the scene of the crime in an apparent effort to retrieve the front license plate that came off his vehicle."
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