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Yay my mac mini can live again.
      Originally Posted by DrDoppio  Could it be because consumers pay their salaries?         Could it be because countries want to balance their budget on Apples back?  Whats in your wallet? 
I hope they don't come to Dallas,TX. I don't want to pay taxes on my online purchases.
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;2051428]Microsoft is readying a significant update to SkyDrive in Windows 8, and reportedly leaked screenshots of the revamped file syncing and cloud storage service show that a Mac OS X client could be poised to compete with Apple's iCloud. What??? Who is poised to compete with who?
The Consumer. We wanted choice and we got it. We won because we have two OS's to choose from.
"The Life of Steve Ballmer" You can start and end it with the anti iPhone quotes. I am glad we will get a movie about Steve Job
iPad is the new nintendo, walkman, click wheel iPod. What it took to entertain my parents was not good enough for me. Why, time changes. This artical is correct I have a 10 year old niece and an eight year old girl they are bugging me for an iPad. They remind me of myself when I was their age. I wonta, gotta have it, can't live with out.
Yes, but still they should have broken out the two separately. Why, because they are two different devices. Since they combined iOS and Android they should have combined Nintendo and Play Station.
Great PR move. I like this plan, it may cost a little more to do business here, but we need the jobs.
Plus 1. The iPad makes these sites a nice viewable size. No SQUINTING
New Posts  All Forums: