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When Apple ask to buy you out at 9 figures you say YES!!!!!
Just to let you know I hate your post. I was doing just fine savoring my diet dr. pepper until I read this "It looked almost natural when he said his name". Now my keyboard, monitor, wacom tablet, shirt and pants has DP all over it.
I wish this worked on my iPad2. I would love to have Siri do task for me. Crap \
+1. thats a good one. You are so right I don't need MS to mess that up.
Quote "Samsung, unsurprisingly, has vowed to appeal the court's decision, according to IDG News. A company spokesman said the decision "severely limits consumer choice in Germany." "By imposing an injunction based on this very generic design right, this ruling restricts design innovation and progress in the industry," they said. In addition, the company has vowed to continue its own patent infringement suits against Apple across the world. They don't get it. If...
lame |lām| adjective
They are still in a no win situation. Even if they sold them for 50% less than Apple they won't sell any. Well not enough to gain traction. They will always look like netbooks to the consumer.
I was waiting for the new macmini with thunderbolt to replaces my g4 macmini. Now i wont be doing that. I have my macmini plugged up to my tv, it is used for everything and watching dvds. Wow, on top of the machine not having a keyboard, mouse or monitor it has no optical drive. This thing should cost $499, why because i have to supply everything else. \
"Can You Hear Me Now?" \
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