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If people will buy it, best buy will stock it.They have no need to stock a $10k device that not very many people will purchase. Stock a ton of sport models, quite a few SS models and call it a day.
Yeah this is great and all...but if you don't live in a big city the coverage is horrible. I tried T-Mobile for 3 months. Streamed iTunes Radio as much as I could...but it would hang up all the time. Dropped calls left and right...'twas a mess. Back on verizon now. I just download the albums for offline use. Data is still expensive.
Love this...just wish the vast majority of websites would actually acknowledge it. Web servers folks on here...what actually happens when "Request Desktop Site" is tapped? What happens on the server-side that changes?
Sorry. Duplicate comment.
Anyone else having Apple Music issues on their macs? Sorry to hijack thread.
That camera bulge looks much smaller in that pic... iPhone 6S confirmed.
THIS is what matters. Keep your marketshare. I'd rather have the profits so when the market craps out Apple will still be standing strong. Fantastic news. What a Monday.
I must be missing something. The one on the left is MUCH more readable than the one on the right. Ah I see. The description is backwards. The one on the right is the Apple Watch stainless steel. The one on the left is the sport.
The American people, apple's loyal customers, are deeming it offensive.
So something terrible happens in America this past week with EXTREMELY strong racial undertones, and people looked to the confederate flag as the source. People do it with guns all the time for some weird reason. I don't wholly agree with taking down the flag, but it was in apple's best interest to do something in regards to what has been going on.At least they didn't rip the apps out and KEPT them out. They're working with the devs. I don't see a problem.Guilty until...
New Posts  All Forums: