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Probably DNS issues again. Those issues are incredibly difficult to troubleshoot.
Never even heard of Williams and Sonoma. No one would hear about it because no one would care.
Not gonna lie. I had to google this.Was not disappointed.
Well I didn't vote for him...
Regardless of who is building it, can't wait to see it. First trip to California will be to see this work of art.
I kinda don't mind this. Charter so far has the best service (internet-wise) that I have ever seen. They don't seem to be in the business of screwing people over.
http://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/22081/apple-now-rejecting-apps-with-pebble-smartwatch-support- 12 hours agohttp://************/2015/04/23/apple-pebble-rejection/ - 6 hours ago (where I first read about it)I can keep going.
Keep in mind this isn't JUST AI. They are just reporting on it. This has been blown up by quite a number of different journalists.Take out the pebble reference. Move on. Might make your app even more attractive NOT mentioning pebble...
For those who's status says "preparing for shipment" From Cult of Mac, Go to UPS.com’s tracking page Select Track by Reference on the left side Enter your 10 digit phone number in the Shipment Reference field Manually change Shipment Date Range to 4/23/15 by typing it in Hit Track If the tracking info doesn’t show up, try changing the shipment date range to 4/24/15, 4/25/15 or some other dates. Other reddit users have pointed out that you need to use the phone number...
This makes a lot of sense. As an earlier poster noted, though, I see how it can be abused.
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