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There are people in enterprise-style environments that still match getting work done to blackberry. Plenty of people at the company I work for have blackberry's and stand by them in the workplace.I'm not exactly against them selling phones. Blackberry, if they step up, has the potential to be a legitimate competitor to Apple, not just a copycat that's able to sell a buttload of phones with little to no repercussions.
$54 dollars for a long sleeve tee? This idea will fail.
Are those Sony glasses...real?... If this is the way technology is going consider me Amish.
Just ditched T-Mobile yesterday and went back to verizon. I love the services T-Mobile offers. But unfortunately their coverage is beyond terrible, at least in my area. These things are cute n all...but it makes it difficult to enjoy these services without connectivity. That should be their #1 goal right now. For the record (and this shocked the heck out of me...) my phone bill (2 lines) dropped $80 going back to verizon. Did not make financial sense to be paying a...
I can't remember what it was, but the one AppleInsider showed while covering the event on Monday looked so good. It was like a iPhone / watch duo charger. Looked fantastic. I love the Hi-Rise though.
In this article, the reference to market share is only to state that the iPhone is growing in China. To visualize growth, you paint the picture using market share.Market share means nothing without profits. We all saw that with android. People exploded when android (many vendors) overtook iOS (one vendor). But when the numbers actually came out Apple was just raking in the profits. That's all that matters when talking about market share.I think Amazon is starting to feel...
I actually bought me a used Thunderbolt display last week for $600 and it is perfect. The MAIN reason I bought it was because of the docking capabilities. If I wanna bring my rMBP to work, just unplug 2 cables. AND I can keep my laptop's charging cable in my bag since the display has power that goes right to the laptop. Best purchase I've made in a long time. It's just so clean looking on my desk... I browsed a lot of the other monitors in stores via in store demos and...
Have T-Mobile. With the exception of a few dead spots in my city, it's been absolutely fantastic. I stream iTunes Radio from 7a til 10p. Forgot that AM/FM still exists. Audio quality is unlike any other carrier I've been with. Converted my family and my significant other's family to T-Mobile. Never looked back. And the data roll-over is pissing off a lot of my friends that are stuck in contracts. Sucks to be with anyone else.
Agreed. Since last year people complained so dang much about the freebies that were part of the 12 days of gifts promo apple probably just said screw it. And people freaked out SO much about the U2 thing that I gave up on humanity in about 12 seconds.
Wait wait wait....an app in the play store and not in the App Store? I've never seen this before...DUH people are going to ask for an iOS version. They want to be able to use it on the phone in the household they DONT have to reboot every 3 hours!
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