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http://forums.getpebble.com/discussion/22081/apple-now-rejecting-apps-with-pebble-smartwatch-support- 12 hours agohttp://************/2015/04/23/apple-pebble-rejection/ - 6 hours ago (where I first read about it)I can keep going.
Keep in mind this isn't JUST AI. They are just reporting on it. This has been blown up by quite a number of different journalists.Take out the pebble reference. Move on. Might make your app even more attractive NOT mentioning pebble...
For those who's status says "preparing for shipment" From Cult of Mac, Go to UPS.com’s tracking page Select Track by Reference on the left side Enter your 10 digit phone number in the Shipment Reference field Manually change Shipment Date Range to 4/23/15 by typing it in Hit Track If the tracking info doesn’t show up, try changing the shipment date range to 4/24/15, 4/25/15 or some other dates. Other reddit users have pointed out that you need to use the phone number...
This makes a lot of sense. As an earlier poster noted, though, I see how it can be abused.
Ah, thank you sir.That was a better catch than Lindsay Lohan's STD's.
So is lobbying mainly just spreading awareness of certain products/ideologies into congress? I understand there is a difference between lobbying and literal bribery (not that I'm going to play naive and pretend bribery doesn't exist inside of congress anyways). I just don't understand the reasoning behind it. People in congress are able to think for themselves so why the need for someone from Apple to come in and sway people in a certain direction? Unless I'm just looking...
House Of Cards ruined me of any lobbying. Probably not the best way to validify whether lobbying is good or not...it just comes across as legal bribery. Anyways. Carry on.
I love that link bracelet so much. Mainly because it's not a pain in the butt to take out a few links to make it shorter. I am curious though how they were able to patent the classic buckle. Unless this is just referring to the way it attaches to the watch itself?
See, I am the exact opposite. I love being able to throw my phone on my charger when I get home, sit down at my desk, and finish up anything I was working on and also NOT miss a call. That is the coolest thing to me. And with the watch it'll be even easier.
Handoff generally works great, but the only issue I really have with this sweet continuity feature is the text messaging on the Mac. When the feature is enabled on the iPhone and the security code is put in on the Mac, SMS messages will work only when it wants to...it seems. Idk. Everything else works fantastic though.
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