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100% agree. And also having the ability to search my library from the Apple TV via the keyboard on the remote app would be nice as well. Much quicker than manually searching through 800+ movies.
First trip to Cali will be to see this campus in 2016 (hopefully)
Ok I must be misreading this article. I thought they were talking about the RETINA models...the ones where heat is dispersed out the back and the sides of the laptop...
Very glad to see T-Mobile making a huge comeback in the cellular market with everything they've been putting out recently. Just wish their cellular service worked...
Absolutely agree. Streaming music is probably one of the main causes of data overages.**Disclaimer. This IS an assumption
Dang thing is ugly as sin. Looks like its got chicken pox or something Edit: Punctuation
That's how we do it as well. Works perfect. This just adds to the perfection.
Being in a different location. Families who have siblings who live away from the main account's home can still watch the movies the family bought on the account.
This is so dang cool. I wonder how they're able to get away with it though considering all of the issues with copyright.
- New York Times
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