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That's incredible. BUT, as much as I like the partnership with IBM, me being a network engineer has to wonder what Apple will be doing with Cisco....when I read about that partnership I went nuts. It'll be interesting to see...to say the least.
OK so did Verizon change their policy? This time last week they told me I was unable to upgrade because I hadn't paid off 75% of my phone. But this article states paying off 50% allows upgradability. Someone know anything about this? Because when I signed up the Verizon rep specifically told me once I pay off HALF of the phone I would be able to upgrade. 'Tis very confusing.
I'd buy the book, but I'd still vote for Mighty Mouse.Time to put the might mouse in the White House #mighthouse2016
This is a heck of a lineup...
Wha?? The company I work for used Good exclusively for mobile connectivity. And the majority of people use it on iPhone. This will be fun.
Software runs in RAM. The Samsung software takes up over half of the allocated RAM in the phone. His statement made perfect sense.
This is probably because I haven't been able to go grocery shopping at my local Winn Dixie for the past 3 months. You know, work.
Internal DNS issue
If people will buy it, best buy will stock it.They have no need to stock a $10k device that not very many people will purchase. Stock a ton of sport models, quite a few SS models and call it a day.
Yeah this is great and all...but if you don't live in a big city the coverage is horrible. I tried T-Mobile for 3 months. Streamed iTunes Radio as much as I could...but it would hang up all the time. Dropped calls left and right...'twas a mess. Back on verizon now. I just download the albums for offline use. Data is still expensive.
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