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This was a nice read. Very useful given the fact that the iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil would be a fantastic combination to be used at work. Still toying with the idea of this being a nice holiday gift to myself...
These guys are just crazy! Crazy I tell ya! Once they get their network up to snuff (coverage I mean) then it'll be really hard to stick with Verizon.
I call bullcrap on the last paragraph (I'd quote it but it takes roughly 3 years to quote and cut out most of the article on the iPhone). There were no vulnerabilities in content blockers. Anything that requires you to install a root cert on your device that is not an enterprise-installed app should automatically draw red flags. In the case of the content blockers, they were proxying traffic from the device to their servers to do deep packet inspection then rip out ads....
Man I'm glad Halloween is coming up...this one shocked me. Boo.
Amazing looking new keyboard and trackpad. The iMac itself is cool (besides only being able to configure up to 16GB of RAM), but I'm glad to see  dropped the AA batteries in the accessories for a rechargeable solution via lightening.
That's incredible. BUT, as much as I like the partnership with IBM, me being a network engineer has to wonder what Apple will be doing with Cisco....when I read about that partnership I went nuts. It'll be interesting to see...to say the least.
OK so did Verizon change their policy? This time last week they told me I was unable to upgrade because I hadn't paid off 75% of my phone. But this article states paying off 50% allows upgradability. Someone know anything about this? Because when I signed up the Verizon rep specifically told me once I pay off HALF of the phone I would be able to upgrade. 'Tis very confusing.
I'd buy the book, but I'd still vote for Mighty Mouse.Time to put the might mouse in the White House #mighthouse2016
This is a heck of a lineup...
Wha?? The company I work for used Good exclusively for mobile connectivity. And the majority of people use it on iPhone. This will be fun.
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