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Wait wait wait....an app in the play store and not in the App Store? I've never seen this before...DUH people are going to ask for an iOS version. They want to be able to use it on the phone in the household they DONT have to reboot every 3 hours!
That game has pretty much stole my entire week. Fantastic game.Damn you scarf guy...
Too secure? So let me get this straight...you care to define "freedom" and "security" as... "Holding a gun at everyone on earth and calling it protection"... Stolen from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I knew that quote would come in handy...all the time now. Haha
I think you misread his post. I may have had trouble interpreting it but it sounded like he said "Whatever you do, don't buy expensive electronics with debit cards. There are few benefits to using a debit card. If you can afford something on a debit card, you can afford it on credit card; just pay the latter off in full and carry no balance."History has shown us that debt does us no good. I'm glad that appleinsider welcomes smart people who are the minority but 52% of...
That's not a bad idea. I haven't done enough research to warrant going off contract but this makes sense.
And I 100% agree. The subsidy is paid for through the phone plan and, while a grey area, I don't argue with it. Id rather have it the other way around though since I may not want to upgrade my phone every two years.Just be careful with the "whatever you do..." line on the Internet. I respect opinions but that steps too close to the "this is fact" side of the fence.
That's great that YOU haven't. But there are 48% of Americans that do. And you are exactly right. As of March 2012, the average American holds $15,257 of CREDIT CARD debt. That's not including mortgage. Id rather pay cash for the purchase than ride on a service that feeds off of others' inability to pay off a credit card to buy something they didn't want to impress someone they don't like with money they don't have.
Well that logic is airtight. Unfortunately, AMEX KNOWS you won't pay off your credit card in full upon purchasing the phone. You know what pays for that broken screen during the 90 days you mentioned? Penalties. Interest.Nah.
You're better off going with best buy's protection. Seems like. Either $10 or $15 a month I think and no service fee. They give you a loaner phone to use as well. At least, this is what they used to do. I haven't had to use it so I cancelled mine. I can change my own screens for $50 - $80 once the phone is about a year old. Screen prices go down after about a year.
Oh we know they're fully capable of spitting out crap at a high rate. Samsung watch had...how many refreshes in a YEAR? 6? Yeah they're good at this stuff.
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