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I must be missing something. The one on the left is MUCH more readable than the one on the right. Ah I see. The description is backwards. The one on the right is the Apple Watch stainless steel. The one on the left is the sport.
The American people, apple's loyal customers, are deeming it offensive.
So something terrible happens in America this past week with EXTREMELY strong racial undertones, and people looked to the confederate flag as the source. People do it with guns all the time for some weird reason. I don't wholly agree with taking down the flag, but it was in apple's best interest to do something in regards to what has been going on.At least they didn't rip the apps out and KEPT them out. They're working with the devs. I don't see a problem.Guilty until...
Oh boy I love the Internet. That good ole keyboard courage.Bottom line is this: Apple is cleaning out the apps that display the flag in an offensive manner. This app does not.That's actually a very good observation. I don't think Apple would just remove a flag for the sake of removing the flag. Obviously there were apps out there that did display it in a mean-spirited fashion.
I actually like this approach. We'll remove all apps that display the Confederate flag, and we'll add them back IF the developers can justify its use in the app as a non-offensive, essential element. Totally fair. Good call.
Incorrect. At most electronic retailers you clock out on a PC in the store then the bag check is performed at the exit. Best buy I know for a fact does this. They even check your magazines as you leave to make sure you aren't slipping bills into the pages. They don't play around because it IS fact that employees do make up a huge percentage of the theft that occurs inside of stores. Hence, the bag check. It's common practice in most retailers. If you don't want time wasted...
Flipboard is actually an amazing app. It's my go-to national news app along with plenty of apple news sources.
Probably DNS issues again. Those issues are incredibly difficult to troubleshoot.
Never even heard of Williams and Sonoma. No one would hear about it because no one would care.
Not gonna lie. I had to google this.Was not disappointed.
New Posts  All Forums: