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Okay, yeah, that's a valid use issue I hadn't thought about.
Please elaborate, I always feel hampered by the scrollwheel trying to find a specific song, for example.True, if you prefer that interface. I don't see the Nano going anywhere and it might get more popular if the Classic is shelved.
I'm pretty sure the Touch uses two modules*, hence the current availability of the 64GB version for $400. Two modules of 64GB in Q1 '10 -> 128GB Touch. *Correction: "up to two modules"
Oh this just dawned on me:Tablet says "hi."Edit: D'oh, beaten.Also, migrating people from iPod Classics to Touches means more potential customer for the App Store.
128GB iPod Touch, please. My music collection now exceeds my 80GB iPod 5.5G (originally a 60GB) and I really prefer the Touch interface. If they up the storage of the Touch that close to the iPod Classic, Apple just might kill the iPod Classic line.
The reported sizes are off. I download the Leopard update and it's only 10.7 MB.
Hm. A 1TB Mac mini might add credence to rumors of an AppleTV service or bootable partition.
Flux Capacitor comes as a 3rd party accessory from Griffin Technology. (BttF, awesome).
So apparently the Touch now has VPN support (i.e secured networking). I don't know if this is because of 1.1.3 or the pay-for upgrade. This is awesome because the wireless at my place of work is secured. Before I had to log in through the lame web page. Now I should just be able to turn the VPN on and surf away. Need to test it.
[bow to tacojohn] Tell us the future, Grand Seer!!
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