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GSM - 2G - 9.6Kbps GPRS - 2.5G - 140Kbps EDGE - 2.75G - 472Kbps UMTS - 3G - 3.6Mbps HSDPA - 3.5G - 7.2Mbps (speeds are theoretical maximums in bits per second; they'll always vary with distance/obstructions/interference)
http://www.wireless.att.com/coverageviewer/ (You have to zoom to City level before you can check 'Show 3G Coverage') I have recently gotten a USB modem from AT&T and there is 3G coverage here. This is not a big city by any definition. The top speed has been 130Kbytes per second (that's 1Mbps). Not stupendous but I couldn't stand dial-up anymore. And since it's USB, I can use it at home plugged into a Mac mini with Internet Sharing or travel with it and my...
\ The timing or need of this is odd. Anybody else think that this coming out now is really odd?
That's kind of creepy because exactly this situation happened to me: 12" PB + Leopard Family Pack + Dead Drive --> Booting from an external optical drive didn't work. Bought a refurb drive from ifixit.com
It's Vista-sized. (Blasphemy, I know)
Yeah, this product has the potential to really confuse consumers. I have questions regarding what it is or isn't or could be or won't be:Could we still consider it a successor to the Newton if it only has multi-touch and not handwriting recognition (Inkwell)? Should or shouldn't it have cellular network access (implying voice and data applications)? How should consumers see this (and how should Steve sell this as): a keyboardless Macbook? a really, really big iPhone?...
[reads article... faints] What happened!? Oh! The Newton!! Gadzooks!
Ugh. No, wait, UGH!! Apple's decisions about the 'touch are revealing themselves to be worse and worse.It's like saying, "the Mac mini runs iCal great but if you want to enter dates you have to upgrade to the iMac. And, by the way, TextEdit is not included with the Mac mini." The easiest way to describe the iPod touch has been to call it the iPhone minus phone. And that's exactly how Apple should treat it: two devices, one having more hardware bits but both can run any...
Liveblog of Om Malik from the D conference (circa May 2007).The questioner was Walt Mossberg.All typos are Om's. Bolds are Om's emphasis, underlines are mine.Part of this exchange makes be believe that Apple will cede most live content to the cable/satellite companies.Given the recent peek into the new iTunes, clearly rentals were never completely off the table.Off topic: That last bit about OTA downloads? A complete head fake (read: lie).
Yeah true, what bothers me is that there's no clear delineation. Apple gave the 'touch a browser but not widgets that pull data from... the web. It's like a luxury car without floor mats and you void your warranty if you buy your own. If you want floor mats, you have to buy a limousine. I know this will be blasphemy to some but... the 'touch and the iPhone have completely bested the Newton... and it had Notes!!! .
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