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"At first I was afraid, I was petrified..." Screed
[quote]Originally posted by Programmer: How about things which plug into the iPod? That gadget is awfully overpowered (and overpriced) to just be an MP3 player. 5 Gb disk, StrongARM processor, FireWire interface... it feels like it has a lot more potential.
I was wondering about this. What if Apple makes a camera module (CCD, lens, flash, etc.) that plugs onto the iPod, which becomes the storage for the images. With 5GB, that's a lot...
Oh dear god. Screed
From the Mac OS X Update Combined: "Updated and new USB and FireWire device support, including FireWire-based digital cameras" Something along the lines of "wwwwhhaATTT!?" came from my mouth when I read that. I was unable to find any third party Firewire digital cameras. Screed
So Gigawire = Fast, wireless firewire, huh? I see vast amounts of consumer confusion. And that's why I doubt this angle of the rumor. No marketer with half a brain would put "-wire" in a brand for a product that is wireless. If Gigawire is real* and using Ockham's Razor then this protocol: 1) uses a physical wire, and 2) meets or exceeds 1000 Mbits per second. Period. The rest is guesswork. * Yes it's a real trademark, but I mean "real" as in something coming to...
Sounds good . . . but what would be the point? As we've seen recently, even lowly cable broadband companies can barely keep themselves afloat. The last mile isn't the only problem. The infrastructure for bigger "pipes" right now has zero profitability. In fact, there's so much "dark fiber"* out there that nobody can touch without losing money. *Fiber optic cable installed but unused. Screed ...I want to believe -- but there's no money in it.
To quote one of my Sims: "Yuck!" Screed ...there are many prettier solutions.
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