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What a most helpful and informative reply. Thanks! I must read it again some times.The point of this thread is to ask the question why is Apple offering these relatively inconsequential apps on the iPhone and not on the iPod touch?
These are good ideas but there are some caveats:This would involve a lot of deal making (and maybe moneyhatting) but more importantly would compete directly with iTunes video salesApple would more likely want to steer people to .MacHeck yes! Wireless iTunes Store is a strong sign in this direction.I really hope Apple doesn't shy away from this. But who knows? I don't know if iPod games will run even on the iPod touch. A common game library/platform for...
This was my reaction: "Hey the iPod touch is neat! Safari, Calendar, Contacts! Yay! [pause] Where's Maps? Wh-where's Weather? Notes? Why doesn't it have freakin' Notes!?!" These are so clearly a shallow, marketing decision that it's painful. Maps is kind a of gray area what with the phone integration. But Weather and Notes?
Yeah, I wavered for two hours after the stevenote before finally committing to 16GB touch. I still have a 4GB nano (1G) and 80GB iPod (5.5G). I download podcasts on my Powerbook and my Music library is on my Power Mac at home, so I had to plot out what content goes where. Man, I'm a nerd with too large of a credit limit.
Shhh!!! Spoiler alert! Geez!
Agreed, too many features at once would choke the line. Let's think iterative design not kitchen sink design. The iPod was the iPod, then it was the iPod with a color screen (for photos only), then it was the iPod with video. To get from there to here was over 5 releases! Looking at the history of the main iPod, moving to an iPhone UI & OS (and that's all, no camera, no WiFi) would still be a huge leap in design change.
This is the correct answer. Let's push that a little further. What if the new iPods were WiFi enabled. Then cross-compatible Dashboard widgets (and then apps) that work on Macs, iPhones and then iPods would be real handy. Not to mention Yet-Another-Platform-to-Run-Safari-on (TM). Not to mention the likely-but-not-quite-yet Mobile iTunes Store.
Actually multiple delays is atypical for Apple. (edit: except for the iPhone ) They usually schedule far enough ahead and generally hit that target. No it's not the end of the world. It's just... odd.
Agreed, if it gets low or middling marks --> MSWF '08. Berieve. I still think that something has to be cut for Leopard to make it out by Halloween. Boo!
Wait, what? Issues decoding non-DRM'ed files? I'm confused.
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