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Wow, John strikes 3 days early. Amazing, just amazing. He's the sole reason I stopped listening to TWiT.
I'm in the US and can't get anything. Apparently the Store is being clobbered.
Yeah I was alluding to the relative lower cost of the camera itself. Larger market evening news are going HD too.
Whoa! I watched the FCServer video and they mention something along the lines of Windows users being able to preview segments. (Halfway through when the blonde woman is working). Just after that they show what looks like a Windows viewer client (??) because it's using a white pointer rather than the Mac black. The rest of interface was Pro Apps slate. They never showed it full screen to see if it had OS X or Windows window buttons. I thought they were just referring to...
Heh. $17K for the camera plus $3K for the lens is the only the start of the blood-letting. What will really drain you is the money for the multi-terabyte storage array you'll need to record at 2K or 4K. The days of 1GB per 5 minutes on DV are at an end.
Apple site finally updated. It is listed in the Apple Store. $1299 retail; $499 for a retail upgrade; $699 for academic full version (no upgrades). Engadget has the keynote blow-by-blow One new feature to note is the ability to intermix different formats (DV and SD up to HDV, XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD).
Combo updaters: PPC and Intel
Wow, quick on the draw there! Downloading, but waiting for others to take the leap. ('though at this point of 10.4.x, deadly updates are unlikely).
Hope this hasn't been linked to yet:Blu-ray vs HD DVD replication costs analyzed again Conclusion:
I have to disagree with the blanket statement that Canon's "consumer" lenses are crap. One just has to do the homework before spending the money. I have the original Digital Rebel, my first SLR. Yes, I have since then spent money on lenses more expenses than the camera itself, but I full well knew what I was getting into. I'd cut the decision down between Canon and Nikon. Cast the others aside. Regardless, wait until March. The Photo Marketing Association event runs...
New Posts  All Forums: