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Colorful shuffles. Move along...
Confirmed!!!11! Black is the new black in Leopard.
Whoa whoa. Confirmed!!1!: YouTube (now owned by Google) will offer higher resolution versions via h.264 (read: Quicktime).
I don't believe it has a GPS (signals from the satellites) functionality. What wireless e-911 is, per wikipedia: [emphasis mine] So required geolocation yes, required GPS no (not yet).
Only Cingular and T-Mobile have EDGE networks in the US.The fact that I have T-Mobile and that Apple made this a multi-year exclusive deal irks me to no end. ...but I might switch.
Notes 1st Column, 3rd Row However, since this is running some form of OS X and Leopard was demonstrated to have system-wide calendar and to-do, an app could easily be created for that. It'll be June, people. I fully expect more whizzy-neat apps to be written by then. SMS texting is nice and all, but what's missing? iChat ...video iChat! Believe it!
I'm curious about what kind of upscaling capabilities this thing has, if any. Either this will be a decent device for which Apple is providing insufficient content or it can upscale like mad. Most people do not own a 720p HDTV let alone a 1080i/p one. This is a safe play, but perhaps too safe.
With the potential of at least 10 million new customers, I'd assume Cingular might consider creating a cheaper data plan by June. Ugh! I want that device, but do not want switch carriers.
Agreed. In short: Steve Jobs hates my wallet and my mobile carrier. double-
Calling a CIO an idiot is not what I would label as "reprimanding customers". I'd call it "efficient management skills." You have to understand that the higher you go on the corporate ladder, the stupider the person... in general... for large organizations. I don't like Steve's style but I can certainly understand his distaste for clueless managers. As for Blackberry, "NIH ... wanted Apple to push RIM for better compatibility". Wha? Better compatibility? Maybe...
New Posts  All Forums: