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How about "T1V0K1LLAR!!!11!!!!!" and yes, it should be spelled that way ...or is it "spelt that way"???
Cow Omelets? EWW! Bergermeister actually mentioned something that peaked my interest: a projected image. The image could be seen as the glare from a movie projection from behind the apple. Is this "The Year of Movies?" "way beyond" iTV? FCP6 Extreme? Out of the box compatibility with the RED HD camera? I'm guessing madly here...
I was under the impression that all ports were outputs. The content would be streamed wired/wirelessly from a Mac.
What? Not a single Aqua joke? I am disappointed.
Are you being hyperbolic or hysterical? Really... Calm down, sit down and RTFA.Translation: iTunes Store, iTunes Store and the iPod.Ta-Da!
Press release out. $0.62 for the quarter, $0.70-0.73 for the next!
>bumpage< The review from Camcorderinfo.com is in and scores really well. In short: It's great but some may not like the the upright design and the low light performance is "terrible."
So I installed iTunes 7 on my PC at work. This morning I discovered a Software Update app in my Programs list that completely resembles the OS X one (minus the Aqua). So... why would they go through the trouble of writing that just for iTunes?
FRAK! DP. Oh and the Cube was a marketing failure not an engineering one.
Okay, fair enough, did not mean to put words in your mouth. On #3, you're kind of sidestepping here. Let me restate what I said before, but differently. For 640x480 video, HDMI and component video outs are awfully high bandwidth/quality ports for such low quality source. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink).On #4, I don't think Apple or Steve work like that. Look, the entertainment execs, fully and completely chickened out of having their content available on Day One. (Either that...
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