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Tubeport!!! Heh-heh-heh.
If the iTV didn't have HD capability right now, they would not have bothered with HDMI and component connections. They could have slapped in VGA and S-video a great deal more inexpensively. Apple != idiots. Come on now. Edit: I'm having issues with the word they today.
Hand > Forehead > SMACK! Of course. I was trying to figure out why Steve would do such a thing.I disagree. Although I understand where you're going, now that TV shows and movies are available from IT(formerly M)S without commercials, who'd buy a $150 widget that does the same thing with commercials, right? I see that point but Elgato widgets have mobility on their side plus, most importantly, US broadband is thoroughly lacking for the time being. Pulling shows off the air...
Sorry I didn't address this earlier.Short answer: no.You go from US legal info to opening credits to movie to closing credits.
On a 24" Dell widescreen, fullscreen is awful. Not pixellated bad, but fuzzy bad. But of course 640x344 is a bit smaller than 1920x1200... just a bit. On a standard television, it should look fine. Frame rate is good. I need to transfer it home. I have the GBP DVD, so I'll be able to compare the two on a Cinema Display and a CRT television.That will be the real test to answer the question, "How near is 'near-DVD quality?'"
Ditto. No discount for education faculty and/or staff. The margins must be getting tighter.
Okay done. Gross Pointe Blank Duration: 1:47:25 File Size: 1.12GB Download time: 21 minutes (corporate network) Format: widescreen (CONFIRMED!) no black bars Resolution: 640x344 (ugh!) Notes: 1) Also plays in Quicktime player (assuming computer is authorized) 2) Chapters with thumbnails option in QT and iTunes You're welcome.
And yet still no field for conductor for classical tracks. Sad. Still downloading... Now there is a separate screen for downloads and the ability to pause one or all. Nice.
All right, that tears it. I'm buying one. Screed: Official AI Guinea Pig I'll get Grosse Pointe Blank. BRB
The movies come in widescreen format. I agree that 480 is bad; it's close to silly. But their format is listed as widescreen.
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