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I <3 Apple! Better iTunes UI and the floaty controller during fullscreen mode. Yay^2!!! Disappointing: 1) no widescreen iPod, probably January, if ever. 2) near-DVD quality movies for $9-$14 Damn you, Hollywood studios, damn you! Surprises: 1) The 2G shuffle. Itty-bitty! 2) Steve talks about future hardware 3) iPod games (for $5 is a disappointment) Overall grade: B-
Okay good. I'm glad for him.
Did they steal cover flow or acquire it????
I bought the rackmount version for home. Not cheap, certainly. However having 1.5TB at the ready allowed me to start to doing weekly backups of my PowerMac, PowerBook and my PC.
Nope, not a one.Proud of myself about that. If I did, I'd buy a Blackberry.
True, I'm well aware that there faster broadband connections, which would make the experience that much better. The operative word in my remark is "throughput." Perhaps I should have said "effective throughput." Regardless, the increase in broadband rollouts in the US show that such large files are perfectly doable. 720p HiDef movie, 1 to 2 hour download, $9.99 - I can see Apple driving a lot of flat panels this holiday shopping season.
1 to 2GB is about right. Even for HD content.Using EyeTV, I recorded a 720p episode, cut the commercials out leaving a 43 minute file. Uncompressed it's >5GB, using H.264 with multi-pass rendering it compressed down to 650 to 750MB. So a full 2 hour movie with a little more aggressive compression would weigh in at under 2GB.So you're spot on.On a broadband connection with 2Mbits throughput, a 2GB will download in two hours.Hm, close to, if not exactly, realtime. Curious!
Call me crazy (pause...) but I thought about a phone with only a iPod scroll wheel. Most people don't dial somebody out of the blue. They usually have them in their contacts and choosing a contact with a scroll wheel would be as easy as choosing a playlist. Entering a new number could also be done using the wheel. A before anyone raises the issue, 911 would be a built-in preset.
The operative words there are "could conceivably become." As in aren't now nor may never be. Besides, a conflict of interest would a Microsoft or Adobe employee on the board. Yes, Apple and Google have a few web services that rival each other but Apple's primary source of income is hardware sales while Google's is advertising. No conflict but bucket-loads of synergy potential. Did I just write "synergy potential?" Shoot me.
From John Gruber at Daring Fireball.
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