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Heh, the equivalent of iChat Theater is in that video too. (2/3rds in)
Those RAM heatsinks are humungo!!
It is a hardware issue, in part. On the PC side, the two cards are connected with an SLI bridge.
WWDC is in 1 week. Expo is in 6 weeks. MWSF is way the hell off.
Meanwhile, in another part of the world, the IBM PowerPC team collectively sits in its living room, dressed only in a bathrobe, eating pints of chunky ice cream while grumbling about "still being a contender..."
Hate to pour water on the gaming speculation, but... what if the advanced graphics chip is required only for better H.264 decoding and transparency/alpha channel processing of a full screen iPod touch interface?
Wow. If true it would mean a trouser change for the msPod development team. "Why didn't anyone tell me he had one of those... things?!" --Jack Nicholson as The Joker
Wow, apparently the only ones left in the major studios are robber barons and fools. If I were Jobs, I'd work out a separate deal with (real) independent studios to sell their movies. Quicktime is a given. It's highly probable that these rentals will be DRM'd H.264 files. WMP? DIVX? I think one would face disciplinary action for bringing those up at Apple. Front Row integration and Bonjour streaming are very likely, but they may hold off. Netflix was/is very...
How about them being prototypes for Front Row remotes?
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