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no. Gas.
But, is there a gluton, you know, like a prion or a neutron or quark or a neon, oh, wait, scratch that last one...?
murk said: Birdy, birdy in the snow His wing was broken he could not go First I coaxed him with a piece of bread Then I stomped in his friggin head -Author unknown, but I'm thinking Steve Jobs Where is Fake Steve Jobs when you need him...
Or, perhaps a wrap-around display....
3D, wearable displays? And I say this because 3D is supposed to become the savior of the commercial movie theater. Movies will be shot in stereo-video and only the theaters will have the ability to show them in their glory. Yes, Hollywood is working on this, and is rather far along.
well, yes. But really, a brainstorming approach might be better. You know, no criticising, just more ideas. That is if you want to play the game. iPod tuna iPod wireless iPod bubba iPod comlink (obscure Space:1999 reference) iPod voda iPod voip iPod devito
No thoughts?
Cineport iPod tele
Chucker, I suspect that all this options hullabaloo has roots with Ms./Mrs. Heinen. She was one of the NeXTies that came over with Jobs. The NeXTies were arrogant and condescending of Apple, and they very likely took their arrogance to heart. Avi Tevanian did. Apple's advisory attorneys surely knew of this. They also knew that there is advantage in having a high level politico on the board. Of course Jobs' ego would accept the idea. Gore makes a nice little story...
Algore is an incompetent, ignorant fearmonger. And he was asked to be on Apple's board just to cover someone's butt in such a scandal.
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