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It is disgusting how much Apple is making in profit for a 16GB to 32GB to 64GB...It only cost them $10 more to get a 32 GB and then another $10 for the 64GB...That is a joke.  They know how to market and make $$$
I am sure Jeffries has a ton of Apple Stock he just unloaded on another troll who is selling to another troll!
Tim is doing the best he knows how. Unfortunately for Apple its best days are behind them even though they still make and will continue to make the best phones on the planet
It looks like Judge Cote isn't in Love with Tim Cook and Apple the same way all the US Senators are. He wasnt about to complain that he had to update his apps everyday. What a shameful bunch of idiots we have working for us in the Government. The court was also not going to apologize like Rand Paul about being here for not paying your Taxes. Can you imagine... its like being on the Comedy Channel with these bunch of KooKs... Oh wait, it will probably go to the Supreme...
Whats Chrome?  With all the money Google has, you think they would at least have titanium by now.
I think Facebook is forcing you to love them. Knock knock...Who's there? Mark... Mark who? Mark my words...You will love me damn it!
OMG!  iPhpone 6 will now have A7 and Flash...say cheese.  Click!
It looks like a HUGE iPhone 3GS!
My eyes are going as I am getting older. My new glasses are a little bit stronger and now I am hoping that the new iPhone will have a bigger screen to match the competition. Please Apple make my day!
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