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Just as an update, I did get the email from Verizon last Wednesday, and the rep I talked to at the store earlier was correct.  Verizon offered  $100 any non-iPhone smartphone$100 for iPhone 4 or 4S$200 for iPhone 5 or 5C$300 for iPhone 5S$350 for iPhone 6$400 for iPhone 6+ I went to my local store on Saturday and traded in my old iPhone 5, got a $200 gift card on the spot and used it to buy a case and tempered glass screen protector for my Wife's new 6S, and put the rest...
 If you really want the phone just buy it at full price.  Your contract with Verizon just means you have to keep that line active, they don't care what phone you are using on that line.  If you buy the 6s at full price, and swap the SIM card from your 6 into the 6s you will be good to go.  You can then sell the 6 or do whatever you want with it. I am done signing new contracts for a cheaper phone with Verizon.  I buy all of my phones at full price now, since it saves a lot...
Wow, I am impressed that Amazon was able to actually include HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 in this to support 4K at $99.  Like others have mentioned they are probably selling this at a loss to bring people in and make money elsewhere (buying/renting games and videos).   It does appear to be limited to 2160p @ 30fps, so no HFR support, and I don't see anything about HDR support either.   I believe Apple is waiting a little bit to let HFR and HDR standards settle down and then they...
I stopped by a Verizon store last week and was told that they will be paying $200 for iPhone 5 or 5C, and $300 for iPhone 5S.  He said you would get a promo code when you pre-ordered the 6S and that you would bring in your old phone to the store and give them the promo code and they will credit your account.   When I pre-ordered my wife's iPhone 6S from the Verizon site it said that I would get emailed a promotion code when I activate the new phone.  My confirmation...
Yes, this was a great deal last year.  I traded in two iPhone 4 and bought a 6 and a 6+.  I was hoping that Verizon would have the offer again and I could trade in an iPhone 5 and get a 6s.  I haven't seen anything about it yet though, and the most I see my 64GB iPhone 5 going for elsewhere is like $120.
If you wait until the 16th to pre-order you probably won't be getting it until late October, that's why I don't want to wait.  My anniversary is Oct 9 and I was hoping to give my wife the phone then.
Dang, why couldn't they have added Discover earlier.  Now I won't be able to order my wife's iPhone 6s and pay for it with my Discover and Apple Pay and get 10% back.     Maybe Discover has held off on this on purpose, so they aren't giving out $65 or more in cash back to millions of people pre-ordering new iPhones.
 I used to think that too, but with apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, etc. there are already a ton of other sources that people can be using to listen to musice that Apple gets no money from.  So why not start allowing app makers to access the FM radio part of the chip and write apps that apple could possibly make money off of (paid apps, iAds, etc).
 SlingTV does not include the OTA networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC), so it is missing all Fox shows.
 Ok, so say while you are a work you think of a way that could make what you do easier/faster/cheaper.  You tell a coworker about it and they think it helps too.  Your coworker tells your boss about it and your boss likes the idea too.  The company implements it and it saves a bunch of money, so your coworker is given a promotion and a raise.  You get nothing.  Would you be upset?
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