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I know with HBO Go you can log in at different locations even at the same time.  People online talked about giving out their logins/passwords to firends and HBO was aware and ok with it.  Not sure if that will happen with this though.  Wouldn't be suprised to see the $15/mo is for one stream at a time, and if you want more than that you have to pay more.
In the US.  They did not say they weren't going to introduce it internationally.  I wouldn't be suprised if it is offered in Japan before it is in the US.
I agree, especially if you don't have to subscribe for multiple months or a year at a time. Wait until the season finale of GOT and then subscribe for one month and binge-watch it, then cancel.  Do the same thing the next season, or for other shows, etc.
I am not suprised about not getting a 4K version.  That tech is still too early in it's development.  HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2 chips are just now becoming available for TVs/AV receivers and Apple would probably have a hard time getting enough of them, and without them you can't really do much with 4K because the studios won't allow it.   I was expecting a new version with faster processor, and an app store.  Then either more internal storage, or the ability to attach your own...
This price really suprises me.  I'm wondering what will happen to the cable/satellite companies prices.  DirecTV charges $18/month right now, I may cancel and switch to HBO Now if they don't keep giving me discounts on it (3 months free right now).
Really disappointed that they lead off with the AppleTV, but didn't update the hardware at all.  What a tease.   The price cut is nice, but I'm still not sure if I will bother picking up any more until there is a hardware update.
I don't buy this story either.  As far as I can tell when you add a card to apple pay you have to enter the security code number from the back of the card (every card I have added required it).  So how are these thieves getting that number?  If they got the credit card numbers from the Target/Home Depot hack all they would have is the card number, not the security code.  The magnetic stripe doesn't have that security code included, and I don't remember any Target or Home...
And how much is this really going to help these drivers once they realize they are going to have to pay $4/hr in Union dues. California as a whole, and the Bay Area especially need to look into why their cost of living is so high and fix that. You can't just keep giving raises to people so they make more money and expecting that to help. You need to fix the infrastructure and housing issues to bring those costs down to make those things more affordable. Or people who...
I have been hoping for something like this for a while, although I would like to see it work over WiFi.   For example, I think it would be great if you could play a movie on one iPad/iPhone and have the same movie show up on other nearby iPad/iPhones at the same time so multiple people can watch together.  Imagine a family on a long car trip where each person has their own iPad/iPhone, being able to watch a movie together and listen to it over the car speakers, but each...
 I did not repeat what you said.  I will say it again, the consumer/iPhone/Apple Watch etc. does not need any kind of internet connection or cellular connection at all.  Please stop trying to confuse people about this.  Way to many people think they need a connection for it to work for their phone, they do not. The merchant does not have to have an internet connection either.  They could use a satellite or radio connection that has no ties to the internet at all.
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