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I just noticed this myself. Hopefully everything gets cleared up soon. I was pretty taken aback when Safari said "can't find server"
Will RAM taken from a Titanium PB G4 667 work in a Titanium PB G4 500?
Well groverat, the Last Bastion will miss you. My best friend and charter member of the Last Bastion left a few weeks ago, upon getting his first cell phone. He's living in NYC for the summer and doesn't have a land line at the apartment. I may finally cave this summer as it may be the only way I can call my girlfriend, in PA, from the camp I'm working at this summer. Sigh... I am glad to see so many holdouts here. It surprises me a little at a place so devoted to...
I would drink more Red Bull if it wasn't so expensive. That said, a couple months ago, I was in the parking lot at school, with a few friends, packing up the two trucks we were taking for spring break (a week of camping in Jacksonville) when one of those tripped out Red Bull trucks pulled up (you know, the ones with the giant can on the back). It was evening and most people had left already. They stopped, talked to us for a few minutes, then handed us a case. It was...
I want one of those
Nice work, mello. The Godfather one, is great. Hmm...Guess it's been a while since I posted mine. As I'm sure I said somewhere around page 5, my desktop tends to be a recent picture I took with my digital camera. This is my current: It's my girlfriend and me at her Graduation last weekend.
I mostly just read those kept by my friends. Most of them wouldn't be too interesting to someone outside of my group of friends. One of my friends started one that was his life, embellished...sort of in the style of Big Fish (at least that was his inspiration), but it has , sadly, become just your standard, everyday blog. I've been using mine to write a story. That's that Cottage. Cheese. link down in my sig. I'll have to check out some of the blogs linked in this thread.
Did you just happen to stumble across that, or is there some way of finding it without blind luck?
Did they really just get them in? The KoP store has had them for months.
Why is it that every mp3 player that comes out now is an "iPod Killer"? It was like this a couple years ago when the new iMacs came out, for about 12 months, every all in one desktop that came out was an "iMac Killer." This industry has, without a doubt, the worst case of Apple Envy I've ever seen.
New Posts  All Forums: