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Our dear leader decrees that headphone jacks are wsorse than Flash. Lightning it might be, so are we about to get forked again?
I think the current designs are well ahead of Apple who themselves use a hotter fast single tread core. That is fine for a fast single thread app like Safari, but background apps like Facebook eat battery. Will 2016 be the year of the Big.Little Apple AX chip revolution?
But Angry Birds is ultra smooth.
It says 'Google is now relaxing its Android One specification'. Well. when you can buy a highly competitive 720p screened LTE Doogee X5 Pro for 70 bucks then quite obviously that low spec was always best ignored. Competition is very good for consumers and bad for the likes of Samsung. Google wants less of it?
They are a business and businesss keep all options open. The A9 gives Apple supreme negotiating power with Intel, though even there I would certainly not rule out a move to AMD. If no deal suits Apple then OS/X running on say an Apple A10 certainly will happen
Good stuff. But lets hope they have updated Safari for launch day. Businesses really do not wish to suffer the 'since 2012'mothballed feel of that!
You're wearing it wrong.
I guess they are lookin at the reality rather than the so called rules. For a number of years Apple payed well below 1% EU corporation tax. Even now it is reckoned to be only 2%. The argument here is that Ireland ignoring the actual 10%+ historic real rate gets all this classified as state aid.
Standard procedure for Apple it seems. I recall this at the start with deny, deny deny happening, and unfortunate owners getting the usual very agressive blame.
$1500 dollars worth. Want more Ram, pay before purchase. 1 out of 10 says it really needs to be reiable.
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