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Everyone will rush out and buy a secondary glass protector anyway. That way,with a bad scratch means you buy another protector. Sapphire cannot even do that.
The weirdest part is that competitors accept normal straps whilst Apple will sell you their proprietary leather for more than competitors watches can be had. Yes, can be had, you have been. Surely Tim Jobs must have shares in Monster Cables.
Maybe I am missing part of the big picture, but it look nigh on impossible for Apple to spend more than one buck in China manufacturing that sports band.
The bottom line is that own brands are cheaper. Why by a big brand glass why you can sub-contract your own?
They are selling digital music. There is no space here for competitors. Never give a sucker a dime. Manufacturers would be stupid to comply. The great thing about FM is that batteries seems to last forever.
And further delays probably tell us the current Beta like watch is deemed too unstable !
""Building huge inventories of all the models of watches and waiting for consumers to order them risks warehousing large quantities of unsold merchandise." They will hold back supply to create demand. That is simply how other supposed luxury items create demand. 99 cent to $4 for a strap and $15 to $20 for the main watches is as close to zero risk as you can get.
Cut price deals = shopping around. It seemed obvious at the time, that with Samsung moving the S6 fully to Exynos, actually meant that Apple had signed for a much lower price, and thus a low priority deal.
Lack of GPS makes it quite pointless for the fitness freak. There is far better out there now, but we do have the fitness wannabe as a sales target.
Leds improve all the time so that also saves some power. Of course 12" is smaller than 13 so that saves power too. Also, SSD memory is getting ever and ever smaller and thus lower and lower power, and with far more capacity for same cost. Overall it looks a very cost effective offering.
New Posts  All Forums: