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Well, the media is far far busier blasting the blasters. That is far worrying for the Apple watch and future products.
Like a whole lt of Apple stuff, it reads as '2 + 2 = News'. They simply don't need many OLED screens, the sales market being limited.
Music never used to be about being forced to choose a certain device to listen to your favourite artists. It sort of reads 'Taylor Swift arrives exclusively on 8 Track'.
Yes, that is exactly what silicon bands do. They are specially useful for hygiene reasons when you sweat. But you are right about the detail. It's primary purpose is to hinder copycats.
In a way they have beaten Googles Project Ara to the market,History may well say that this watch is the first of Apple's IOT products.
Everyone will rush out and buy a secondary glass protector anyway. That way,with a bad scratch means you buy another protector. Sapphire cannot even do that.
The weirdest part is that competitors accept normal straps whilst Apple will sell you their proprietary leather for more than competitors watches can be had. Yes, can be had, you have been. Surely Tim Jobs must have shares in Monster Cables.
Maybe I am missing part of the big picture, but it look nigh on impossible for Apple to spend more than one buck in China manufacturing that sports band.
The bottom line is that own brands are cheaper. Why by a big brand glass why you can sub-contract your own?
They are selling digital music. There is no space here for competitors. Never give a sucker a dime. Manufacturers would be stupid to comply. The great thing about FM is that batteries seems to last forever.
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