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Leds improve all the time so that also saves some power. Of course 12" is smaller than 13 so that saves power too. Also, SSD memory is getting ever and ever smaller and thus lower and lower power, and with far more capacity for same cost. Overall it looks a very cost effective offering.
If it was not so feature limited then it would be such a burdensome complication that we would have to price it down. Nifty marketing. Now why is the silly model not using a proper GPS watch like a Garmin?
Fact. Apple have always realised you need to train the consumer so that know what they want. They do this better than anyone.
They are a bunch of corrupt looking suckers in the EU. Anywhere else in the world that cash hoard would be classed as 'stolen money'.
Costs can be got down to a couple of dollars by using their own chips. But the main thing is that cheap Apple chip is a big stick to beat Intel into low prices. Win Win
Sounds like it will use a standard cheap $18 or so Intel Atom design, like those $100 Windows tablets. With the iPad in severe decline this is the future so it will be priced exactly the same as the Air 2 which itself will reduce in price. I suppose this could be a red herring in that people want to go back to keyboards and this was meant to be a 12" iPad ! A 12" iPad with a keyboard then running Apple's Arm chips ? I give it 50/50 either way as to being ARM or Intel. A...
Talking of apps, won't most of the purchases be Apple ones? I'm thinking of iMovies, iBooks, iMagazines and iMusic.
From what I heard, $13.5 billion is via in-app purchases.
Did Sony simply go where the 30% Apple tax does not exist ?
One thing for certain is that since the 'pushed into the channel' so called sales figures the demand reports have been one side, that being media driven, not Apple driven.So reality is in that small distortion field awaiting Godda.
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