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I et the impression that the US has the most expensive mobile in the world. Here in the UK we get massive call and SMS allowance with all in unlimited data for under $25 per month. US companies seem to operate as a cartel far far better, to the detriment of consumers.
You pays your money you takes your choice/chance.
That is the exact reverse as to the whispers about it all prior. Those whispers said that suppliers would even touch any proposed Apple deal with a barge pole.
Nothing to do with the chips, all to do with the compiler used.Get the K1 64 bit to run IOS and likely it runs at 3 times the speed of the A8.All tests are artificial in some way.e.g. AMD was always crippled in tests because the testers used an Intel compiler !You are never comparing like with like.
Its about getting what you pay for, not the leftovers from what is left of all the add-ons paid for externally. You can bet your dollar on those leftovers being a tinier amount of data for your money plus ultra slow speed too.
The reality is that whilst both nVidia and Octacore chips are technically many a mile ahead of Apples usage of ARM, it is Apple who have the lowest costs but biggest bull..
So did TLC use come to fruition in the 128GB iPhone ? 750 writes for TLC is low so anything that improves without causing problems is a nice cash saving.
Yes, opt-in is the right way to go but when shove comes to push, it is all about the money. Ubuntu needs it far more than Apple so for them, they really need you to opt in to survive.
And that is why Google ads make money.Apple currently is a 'luxury brand' so if they want to stay relevant outside the US whilst keeping their stonking profits then this income stream really matters. Sneakyness works too I bet.
Nah, Apple don't sell iAds, honest gov.
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