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Using mobile DDR 4 would prevent another new truth manta becoming the norm. We all just fed the bull some RAM. The horses have the trotts as per usual. When there is a problem we send the people to be retrained in 1GB RAM appreciation. And obviously that retraining machine also acts as an Orgasmatron.
2GB of Ram would have allwoed proper multi-tasking and even 2 or more tabs to be actually running in the web browser. Heavens forbid, we could have even had a desktop mode setting in Safari. I guess there is always 2016 or 2017 to think of.
But how does it compare to its inspiration, the Galaxy S3.
Of course it is reasonable for $2000 computers to break. They are the equivalent of the hot hatchback, designed more to go fast rather than actually last.
trench, there is a way to force the Pro to use the low power embedded GPU permanently. Google it and you might just find your Pro will last that way.
I think it has little nothing to do with brand. The problem is based on both spec and design. And the Pro is a hot design, though the newer one is slightly more becalmed.
Reminds me of the problem with some games. Using the thing on your lap you can be in danger of 2nd degree burns, so likely running certain software prematurely burns out the Mac.
The thinner the laptops got, the hotter that big Mac Pro GPU sandwich becomes. Just maybe it was all inevitable.
Samsung is a funny old thing. They have a yearly Note release and drop the older version a year later. The final stocks of the S3 are now on sale but it looks just plain foolish to remove this main Icon. Wisdom would have an all new S3 on sales, so it is a real shame, the lack of it.
It has to be 6" with a multi screen capable 1280 x 720 times 4. Those Qualcomm Kraits are way over rated so that is likely the major flaw.
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