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"The apple plant in Ireland sells at wholesale prices to Europe and thus sales originate there." No they don't Apple gets to originate most of them 'nowhere'. Near zero Irish corporate tax is paid. Not 2%, almost ZERO percent!
Nope, does not make sense. I was quite expecting to read that it had come from an explosion caused by using an extended external battery case. That would make 'more of a case', but a 3rd party one obviously.
"And Apple are not "obliged" to use any legal means necessary to maximise their retained profit. That's a fallacy."     Indeed.     "Since Apple's main objective with the stores is to sell Apple product and shape the perception of Apple as a brand, and only a secondary motive is to make profit with the stores above and beyond what they would make if third parties were to sell their wares, I'm not surprised that the UK retail profits after deducting all costs...
.... and by winning the race to the bottom the world will eventually cease to trade.
Wifi tracking is fairly crap anyway. Did they say 'ours is as rubbish too but we will do it cheaper"   I quite fail to understand why Apple is insisting in tracking you via every Wifi point you pass when in fact real GPS better suits my needs and privacy.
I thought Android already used Smart BezeL   Have they emBezeled it somehow?
Quote: Originally Posted by asdasd  "The real problem here is the assumption that Apple owes money to the UK. Or the US even. It can't be both.    I think the US has the better claim, but the UK has none. Basically they are - as usual with these kind of idiocies - mistaking sales in a country with Corporation tax owed in that country. Its a bit like Ireland complaining that ARM doesn't pay corporation tax in Ireland."   Many people are already...
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewb123  "The California based company's European operations pulled in $36.3 billion in net sales to European customers in 2012. Of that, Apple reported that $15 billion was operating profit." By any standards, that is an obscene profit margin.   British Politicans such as Boris Johnson suggest that if we reduce taxes we will actually collect more.     Heading to a world without taxes means education, health, roads and even...
1930's protectionism is about to happen. The best Apple can do is make a very fast buck whilst trade channels are still open.
Did they mention the web throttling? Has it become dated news yet? The last I knew was that Apple iOS devices run web applications two-and-a-half times more slowly compared to Safari.
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