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They make $5 billion a year so guess they have too much at lose to risk allocating part of that to Apple. In Europe the networks are running crying to the authorities due to their own dumb contract decision making.
Afterlife? It's just a game.
    yes, but isn't that is what makes these threads such an entertaining hoot?
A turn of the key and off I go. Bluetooth really needs to be 100% the norm. That way its immediate and even future proof, OS software allowing.
Seems a good recycling / US price maintenance mechanism. Best not to have iPhone clogging up ebay. For some it might also be seen as a loyalty bonus.
Yes, Apple does not give in to carrier requests. Apple controls all the code so they all need to make a statement as to why. It just looks so bad on Apple and sells Android.
Obviously not knowing anything about you simply means many many more ads just to pay its way. Obviously info means ads are less introsive and maybe more interesting. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
"it shows potentially which products have the tightest margins. " Margins ? Far more likely it shows which ones are not selling. Margins increase all the time as costs continue to fall.
"The battery size of the s4 is 3x bigger than that on the iPhone. There's a lot of engineering invested on the iPhone, unlike the garbage that samsung sell" You make it sound like the Retina iPad pedro.
The snapdragon in this has near enough the exact same licensed dual ARM CPU as in the iPhone(Krait = Swift), just a lot faster in Mhz. So whilst this is called low end, it is simply new low end.
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