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"Around 90% of mobile viruses are on Android."   Sadly 'around 99.9% of IOS malware goes unreported'.
Windows RT takes the IOS no fragmentation model even further by only allowing IE. Android, like Windows XP has that fragmented browser system that allows Firefox, full Opera and suchlike. IOS only allows browsers to use the Webkit frame but strangely IOS does seems to have two versions of webkit installed.
Some very very strange questions such as battery life etc. NFC is a powerless technology, completely different to bluetooth. They really cannot be compared.   The other thing to note is that bluetooth has loads and loads of profiles which for commerial reasons Apple restricts. This reason is why those $10 bluetooth GPS will never work on iPods. You need a jailbreak and a new bluetooth stack.
    Then that would mean that IOS has always been far more committed more to NFC than Android. Bluetooth support on Android is comprehensive compared to Apple's quite selective support. 
It is easy to do a 2" Nano watch phone.
Beam me up Scotty.
If they keep the same amazing profit margin it simply will not matter. Sales are down so profits will go back sky high with this. The only problem is keeping perception of a more expensive model premium.
Any bets on Dustin being an intern?
Ah Dustin Early that renowned journalist with observations backed up by guests. Have you ever thought that it is simply spam?
"If this is real, there is no reason to make "iPhone cheapo" that fat ... unless they are are least doubling the battery life." It helps make it a lot less fragle than a Ryvita. Plastic obviously means fatter but compensates well by lowering power requirements for standby.
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