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Post peak, and with the Windows 8 debacle TSMC will now have loads of spare capacity. Sounds very advantageous to Apple's cost control. Will be interesting to see if Apple continues to make clever use of those old ARM cores.
With the tax avoidance headlines in the UK we end up with 'Designed in California in order to avoid taxes everywhere'
Seem far better to use ones personal memory than to rely on Wikipedia. Much of the stuff there on "Apple's transition to Intel processors" is waffle. I'm forgetting which chips Apple got a 12 month 'window' on but they were the obvious choice for Intel to market their top end CPUs. The massive failure of the Ultrabook marketing shows that.   Talking of Wikipedia, compared to what looks like a very infantile writing descent on technology stuff at Wikipedia , that...
  Never proven? The first Intel Macs were part of that deal. Apple have been a  lucrative customer for Intel and the Macbook Air was similarly so,   What is noticeable this time is that Intel Haswell is arriving elsewhere quicker than prior.
  Apple are designers who will use technology they see fit. Intel have historically given Apple early access to their technology. If this does not happen with ARM then obviously Apple may jump ship there too. They usually do manage to control costs and stay ahead of the game this way.   Around the world away from the USA  it also appears as if Apple could head the way of Blackberry, so licensing IOS is surely going to happen too. Apple could license out IOS for ARM whilst...
Why not?   The Macbook Air collaboration payed great dividends for Apple. That exclusivity on Ultrabooks chipsets meant interest had waned far too much by the time the Windblow ultrabooks appeared.   A move to x86 for the iPad was entirely logical and could yet still happen.
That then implies that the A7 is an A6 with a tweaked clock speed. It is hard to envisage any development taking place in parallel.
"Around 90% of mobile viruses are on Android."   Sadly 'around 99.9% of IOS malware goes unreported'.
Windows RT takes the IOS no fragmentation model even further by only allowing IE. Android, like Windows XP has that fragmented browser system that allows Firefox, full Opera and suchlike. IOS only allows browsers to use the Webkit frame but strangely IOS does seems to have two versions of webkit installed.
Some very very strange questions such as battery life etc. NFC is a powerless technology, completely different to bluetooth. They really cannot be compared.   The other thing to note is that bluetooth has loads and loads of profiles which for commerial reasons Apple restricts. This reason is why those $10 bluetooth GPS will never work on iPods. You need a jailbreak and a new bluetooth stack.
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