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'Apple hasn't updated the carrier settings to enable LTE.' They certainly did in Switzerland for a carrier who seemingly played cat and mouse with Apple.. Almost looks like they blacklist commercial reasons until an agreement is met.
" Certainly not a watch!"   No, but is it a coincidence that this came about near the time of the shareholders voting?   Newpapers love to sell stories so maybe this 'iBangle' was all a bit concocted. Saying that the Google glasses onslaught might soon mean retro is now cool. 
"You go to Ross because it's cheap. " Some go to Samsung for triple standby time, near triple talk time and better standardisation. Sometimes lots of sacrifices are made when wearing jewellery.
Maybe Apple has it right, though the whole non monopoly thing maybe relies too much on a very high priced iPhone to dampen demand. Otherwise Apple would have troubles like Microsoft had on the past? It maybe gets far more tricky as Apple competes on price.
surely any new Apple SOC will be based on a Samsung design. I do not really see this happening as is. Apple are more likely to use a Mediatek or Qualcomm design with TSMC or Intel doing the silicon run.
An LG flexible display? Seems like there is a race with Samsung to be the first to release such a device.
Google succeeds on Android by being the best. So what happens when they lose their software innovation quality?
I think the tricky subject is 'price elsewhere'. Selling wares on iTunes restricts price competition elsewhere and is thus on the whole, bad for the consumer, and to me, of doubtful legality.
Practicality is also stuff like GPS and call reception. I think Apple's probably move to plastic acknowledges that setting its own standard is not as easy as it once was.
Could be a genius way to better control DRM, stop copies and justify a price. Plus, by the sound of it, they can sell a mk2 withl better picture quality at a later date.
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