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Any bets on Dustin being an intern?
Ah Dustin Early that renowned journalist with observations backed up by guests. Have you ever thought that it is simply spam?
"If this is real, there is no reason to make "iPhone cheapo" that fat ... unless they are are least doubling the battery life." It helps make it a lot less fragle than a Ryvita. Plastic obviously means fatter but compensates well by lowering power requirements for standby.
Whilst device costs are quite tiny these days, it is support that costs big money. Full permanent lock down here will save a fortune. Obviously the brighter tech students can carry two devices but for the majority this might do.
Apple commission things so getting their monikor on any new major chip could take many a years. Though maybe that plastic iPhone will be Snapdragon.
Personally I would never trust trojan marketing campaigns. Sadly Microsoft are the most underhand tech company on the planet. That stops me using them now. They have too little integrity.
 Seems you need a doctors certificate for Alzeihmers
". And of course with Apple's generous tax arrangements the Government has HUGE bargaining power to force Apple to do what it wants" Can read the otherway round too. I'm thinking of the repatriation of all that money they have tax avoided in so so many countries.
Aye, cutting out the middleman, I quite understand that NsaMessage
I realise Apple reuse part numbers but is the screen different despite having the same part number. It has a main impact on battery life.
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