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So this would also mean Asus are losing on their non Nexus Fonepad. If enough people keep saying it does it really become true?
 Who gives a stuff about colour quality when you have to squint to see perfection?And it is quite amazing with TV, how so many prefer a more saturated setting.
In some situations saturation is not that useful But in the moving phone environment its more often than not the best option. Anyway, rumours have it that Apple will embrace OLED soon too so sudden elevation of OLED is more than possible.
Well, I got stuck in quite a time warp with this one. From this description I much prefer the Fonepad
"His proposed options include removing the rear camera, reducing internal storage to 8 gigabytes, simplifying production of the metal casing, or using a more advanced process to build the A5 processor." The Mini already uses near enough the lowest resolution screen available and the old, even cheaper chipset. Just making the price competitive is what will be needed. As to short supply, well you have short supply to both create hype and cover over supply risk.
"Learn More About In-App Purchases" Yeh, so as to 'leave us kids alone'. But one does wonder if kids really do want to spend $99 a time on those purchases. Suckering adults is obviously well accepted, but using their kids to do it has villainous undertones.
The problem for Apple is that all their stuff is 'non web' and thus more obscure by nature.   They really need to give some commitment to the web.
Google still believes in the web. At least for now.
Britain's regulator tries to help enterprise. So they have avoided forcing networks to switch off the $5 per minute phone numbers by default, despite 99% of the public as likely as not happier with it that way. Again its passwords, with the child clicking yes to "Services that cost you money".
Crossed swords really. Google's strategy is very much the web plus apps, whereas Apple's is apps plus the web.
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