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Well, having read the comments I can't make any sense. So I'm guessing that the real joke is that the EU has to stand aside while the talking heads stop us from making sense.
Some interesting stuff. One question appears to ask whether some Iphones get more crippled than other iPhones. That would mean one network iPhone 5 is not the same as another networks iPhone 5. All fine and well but does the customer know?
"iOS 6 is "boring,"" It is a strange comment to make. I'd suggest that those users are a bit limited and thus bored or else they are coded words to describe IOS as the limited entity.
The corporate fools think Apple actually walks on water. Instead it almost looks like that can of worms have been self digested. Machinistic I guess.
" now sits on well over $144.7 billion"   Surely sitting on money is a recession in itself. If it just ain't going round it is sitting square on top of a resulting world depression.
The business model is very clear. It will be on iDevices only. I'm sure negotiations will be concluded in time with the release of IOS 7.
So this would also mean Asus are losing on their non Nexus Fonepad. If enough people keep saying it does it really become true?
 Who gives a stuff about colour quality when you have to squint to see perfection?And it is quite amazing with TV, how so many prefer a more saturated setting.
In some situations saturation is not that useful But in the moving phone environment its more often than not the best option. Anyway, rumours have it that Apple will embrace OLED soon too so sudden elevation of OLED is more than possible.
Well, I got stuck in quite a time warp with this one. From this description I much prefer the Fonepad
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