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Obviously not knowing anything about you simply means many many more ads just to pay its way. Obviously info means ads are less introsive and maybe more interesting. There is no such thing as a free lunch.
"it shows potentially which products have the tightest margins. " Margins ? Far more likely it shows which ones are not selling. Margins increase all the time as costs continue to fall.
"The battery size of the s4 is 3x bigger than that on the iPhone. There's a lot of engineering invested on the iPhone, unlike the garbage that samsung sell" You make it sound like the Retina iPad pedro.
The snapdragon in this has near enough the exact same licensed dual ARM CPU as in the iPhone(Krait = Swift), just a lot faster in Mhz. So whilst this is called low end, it is simply new low end.
One's high end phone is another persons piece of tat. Am sure the public will just buy the size that suits them.
Read that 'competition' quote 3 times. It is simply stating the obvious claims of patents. So Apple simply chose it for the emotions. And Foss, no doubt gets well paid for his seeding codswallop.
Well, having read the comments I can't make any sense. So I'm guessing that the real joke is that the EU has to stand aside while the talking heads stop us from making sense.
Some interesting stuff. One question appears to ask whether some Iphones get more crippled than other iPhones. That would mean one network iPhone 5 is not the same as another networks iPhone 5. All fine and well but does the customer know?
"iOS 6 is "boring,"" It is a strange comment to make. I'd suggest that those users are a bit limited and thus bored or else they are coded words to describe IOS as the limited entity.
The corporate fools think Apple actually walks on water. Instead it almost looks like that can of worms have been self digested. Machinistic I guess.
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