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Depends which consumers you mean, savvy ones like us, or the minority supplying a majority of profits.
So, for $100 down and $90 a month you get unlimited data and a free iPhone 5.     Quite shocking how much you guys have to pay over there. It is near half that here and strong competition meant that in the xmas sales ,  $100 down and $24 a month got you the Galaxy S3 c/w the unlimited data.
Not good for corporate profits when you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. Educating users beyond ignorance (moron is the blaming definition) will destroy maybe 90% + of that 71% of profits. So I'm quite lost as to how Apple can keep em all ignorant whilst being seen to care.
Phone sales are near written in stone so its tablet sales that will be of interest.
obviously no one knows.   staying anonymous is the safer norm.
Obviously, with any falling sales they will reduce the Mini price whilst at the same time introducing a more resolution friendly model.
The problem for Amazon is that the web browser will be stifled, and side loading may hit snags when google API's are needed. That means they have to compete to match the likes of what Safari and Chrome offer. Could be good for competition spurring Chrome and Safari onto even better things.
Yep, hit and miss with DT. Though they do help us understand the inside knowledge behind our tech. Obviously, this will be the biggest thing to happen to the phone market for many a year, especially so in the US where competition is far more stifled.
Obviously, for those in the know, every single 'In app purchase' will be blacklisted by the parents. I use the term 'in the know' as like said it is not yet written like a warning,
Likely now that Apple are going to allow you to buy 'Tangible goods' with an NFC competitor. Obviously before this iTunes two-step change convenience mattered more.
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