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Damned if they do, damned if they dont. Samsungs polycarbonate(plastic to us) gets good reception from its main users who do not realy want to be on a very short standby. They have a different market so to mess with it is peril.
I'd suggest the cap was never to fit. Far too honest for his own good I'd say. A 'marketing nightmare' type executive? Apple employs the silent type.
Beta has now become just a marketing term. Was IOS Maps ever beta? Who is kidding who?
"Would somebody please explain to me why Apple needs to increase its share of the market of "people who have no money"?" Apple is doing well in the USA but some other markets are near vanishing for the iPhone.
The idea of going after Samsung has always been to ward people off Android. Personally, I think people would take exception to an operating system been attacked, so win against the top guy and everyone else will be a poodle in comparison.
" will use a version of Qualcomm's Snapdragon system on a chip in a much-rumored low-cost iPhone, " Would simply a further move into Apple branding. A bonus here should be better phone reception figuring that Apple never did seem to incorporate Samsung's energy efficient cellular modem tech into their phones.
I go by the fact that they are near identical to existing co-Samsung designs and are still made by Samsung. I see little has changed since Apple got an ARM license though Apple are now employing some Samsung engineers. Most info here is quite made up from very small marketing snippets so am only going by what I technically see. As for Intrinsity, they collaborated with Samsung in actual Samsung designs. Now they are trying to help Apple stand alone.
'Apple hasn't updated the carrier settings to enable LTE.' They certainly did in Switzerland for a carrier who seemingly played cat and mouse with Apple.. Almost looks like they blacklist commercial reasons until an agreement is met.
" Certainly not a watch!"   No, but is it a coincidence that this came about near the time of the shareholders voting?   Newpapers love to sell stories so maybe this 'iBangle' was all a bit concocted. Saying that the Google glasses onslaught might soon mean retro is now cool. 
"You go to Ross because it's cheap. " Some go to Samsung for triple standby time, near triple talk time and better standardisation. Sometimes lots of sacrifices are made when wearing jewellery.
New Posts  All Forums: