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Likely now that Apple are going to allow you to buy 'Tangible goods' with an NFC competitor. Obviously before this iTunes two-step change convenience mattered more.
"Offers In-App Purchases." I guess before that they preferred to have a few more 'Zombies'.
Seems to me that those in the know got in the huff so made it live on the web. It just might have been there for a few years.
"ushered in the era of" Simply Apple is claiming that those massive 1080p phones are in the same era as their 3.5" and 4" phones. Obviously they did set that trend that has carried forwards.
" why are these judges so talkative ?" Baffles me too. It almost makes it seem like he is "putting on a show."
Obviously true. Its a trademark, and no one else is allowed to use the word.
Warranties cost money to fulfil. Simple as that so if the customer's writes off the device through ignorance shareholder prosper more. If Apple match the talked about quality with real facts then is costs good money.
A smart move by Apple. Their most loyal supporters now come across as far too keen and not always believable. So every little helps.
Damned if they do, damned if they dont. Samsungs polycarbonate(plastic to us) gets good reception from its main users who do not realy want to be on a very short standby. They have a different market so to mess with it is peril.
I'd suggest the cap was never to fit. Far too honest for his own good I'd say. A 'marketing nightmare' type executive? Apple employs the silent type.
New Posts  All Forums: