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Have they not got the wrong end of the stick? In the UK the current iPhone 5 has only limited LTE compatibility and also will never ever work on much of the upcoming LTE networks.
Yup, I was about to ask if anyone here ever really has any clue? At least I know I'm clueless this time and don't need to act it all out.
"Apple can afford to not make much money for a while. Maybe if Apple posts a few quarters with losses, the stock will rise, just like a few other companies that come to mind." They need the hype to stay on positivity. Negativity promotes realities of function and should be avoided.
I wouldn;t worry about accurate color representation, People really prefer to see their phones, so saturated is fine when needed.
". This isn't Apple playing "catch-up" or "copying" as some drooling Apple-haters might call it" It is called living with reality. That reality is that small phones are OK for low usage, and a complete pain for anything more. Siri was Apple's chosen answer but the public has not quite taken to it.
"Apple partner LG Display"   It is a slightly weird world where tech leaders like LG need to be a supplier rather than seller. Yet wise buyers choose Samsung when buying the Retina Macbook Pro. Seeing a it of ghosting? Well that is the LG one.   Still, LG can shift a stash of OLEDs simply by becoming 'supplier only' and its certainly good for the short term balance sheet.
"No, he was spinning BS, you know, like you do. " That's the thing really. Often it is a case of the more people attack the less we trust the source. Microsoft are a prime example. Bing has now fallen to 5th. Coincidence?
It don't take any new pies to tell you everyone seems to want a Nexus 4.   If it was or becomes 5.2" it would still have have had Noteworthy acclaim.
Obviously it is there for a 'rainy day.   Yes they will regionalize their devices more,  but a 5" will negatively cannibalise both ends of their own market.
It don't exactly help with an interpreted claim that Apple is buying loads of faulty stuff, but the newer stuff is more likely to work (yields)
New Posts  All Forums: