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Britain's regulator tries to help enterprise. So they have avoided forcing networks to switch off the $5 per minute phone numbers by default, despite 99% of the public as likely as not happier with it that way. Again its passwords, with the child clicking yes to "Services that cost you money".
Crossed swords really. Google's strategy is very much the web plus apps, whereas Apple's is apps plus the web.
I still figure they will transition to Intel. Yet there are quite high risks for both Intel and TSMC dedicating themselves to Apple.   Just slightly below that, they might just go with Quallcom+TSMC. No one knows what percentage of the Samsung Exynos like SOCs rely on Samsung knowledge.      As far as I know Quallcom's Krait uses near the exact same licensed ARM design so that path is a very fast option. There are more than 2 licensees of that special but...
Even the Galaxy Grand at over $300 is a heck of a lot of money in India.
There is only one priority when it comes to moving, and that is the cost/profit ratio. The exact same can be said for the long term move from Google maps to IOS maps. The use of a multitude is screen suppliers is also about cost and supply. You can also bet that the rumoured handout to Sharp helped guarantee an incredible cost/quality ration. Reading into those Samsung rumours, costs got cut by as much as 50%
I can't quite work it out, Surely 20 months gives them 4 months to renew the contract for another 24 months. AT 24 months the customer might have already gone AWOL. Is it worth it? They almost appear seem to think the customer has no choice so are stuck with them anyway.
They are obviously spending even longer than DED is, at talking about it.    To Exynos be or To Exy not to be, that is the question.   
Depends which consumers you mean, savvy ones like us, or the minority supplying a majority of profits.
So, for $100 down and $90 a month you get unlimited data and a free iPhone 5.     Quite shocking how much you guys have to pay over there. It is near half that here and strong competition meant that in the xmas sales ,  $100 down and $24 a month got you the Galaxy S3 c/w the unlimited data.
Not good for corporate profits when you are damned if you do, damned if you don't. Educating users beyond ignorance (moron is the blaming definition) will destroy maybe 90% + of that 71% of profits. So I'm quite lost as to how Apple can keep em all ignorant whilst being seen to care.
New Posts  All Forums: