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Apple have probably increased their demand on the faster more expensive ones. So they could be paying 20% more per unit with no price increase.
There is nothing wrong wth AppleCare pitching and extra 12 months warranty with added protection on top of the 2 year warranty. So it seems now they don't and only ever did by denying statutory EU rights. Get it fixed Apple.
Reminds me slightly of that UK PPI scandal. But here Apple also chose to ignore European consumer rights.
It is becoming apparent that attacking judiciaries also attacks the country of the said judge. iDevices are world wide and are really best served by not being marginalised.
Samsung are one of the biggest ARM licensees in the world. Apple only got to put their name on the stuff after they bought a license in 2008. Samsung still license from Imagination and it would be stupid to think that both teams ignore each other when designing SOCs. I would expect an announcement from Samsung that the Apple design is 100% theirs. It is probably getting close considering Apple just hired one of the top Samsung guys. It is worth noting that the Samsung...
The problem for Apple is in design skills, Samsung surely still have a major input in the design of the A6 so moving production might also need re-skilling. And shopping around for screens has given Apple new difficulties with the Mini one being particularly below par.
No numbers. Foxconn get permission to talk. All quite weird.
Back in those days everything was far slower so MIPS was not up to the job of running Windows. These days it is very different. And in fact it was only really Apple's iPad 1 that was not up to the task of running Flash video.
Sadly it is what I expected with the distinct lack of information on it. Apple probably got a very good deal to get build costs very low. Obviously everyone will need the improved mini come February.
Seems they put a bit of new code on the apple.com/uk site so that the statement text always ends up just below the screen no matter what. Self centred or what?
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