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It was the fastest iPhone rollout ever with China launch supposedly ahead of schedule. If they had 100% of expected sales then things would surely have been slower. Rumours on how difficult it is to make never quite held swathe on this one.
Tablets are more web useful when in portrait mode. So obviously a 1080p is better for the web at 1080 width and 1920 height. Prior to smart TV's, APple TV's and Google TV;s thus just did not matter. Let;s hope they have not combined it with a price raising, user indifferent semi-useless higher resolution TV.
"The latter two are bug ridden and can be seen as one big security hole," You, well not you, someone will find that all operating systems are far more bug ridden than feature apps. Best abandon them all? People turn JS on and off for many reasons. Its just a tool, so use it. But whatever you do, best not to do what some tool tells you.
As the saying goes 'when in Rome..........'. Relationships are a two way thing If you pardon my French this is good for monsieur Tout-le-Monde
"Seriously, who turns off JS? " This site is funny at times. Real people do.
I have always seen the specification of the Mini as a 'xmas special'. Time will tell.
" It's about maintaining the pixel ratio"   We already have the iPhone 5. Pixel ration convenience has already been sabotaged. The only problem I see is this artificial segmenting of phone and tablet apps. Why not just let them auto adjust?
"There is no Retina display to go into the iPad mini. " I can't believe Apple are that far behind. We already have those daft 1080p smartphones so putting them in 8" screens is a doddle..
Was sure it would be no more than 1280 X 800. That was we get a slim Mini. But maybe Apple thinks different, and with already having 1080p phones(god know why), a new 1080p Izgo maybe is go.
" iPad mini cannibalizing 9.7" iPad" Nah, the Mini is just for xmas kids. Post xmas , adults will stuck it in the drawer for that occasional weekend away and buy the proper one. iPad Mini, refreshes profits that iPad 2 can never reach.
New Posts  All Forums: