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They got give a short term temporary contract with a termination date. Luckily the report of it gives them more hope of finding alternative employment, maybe even with Apple. There is no refute. Its is exactly as reported in the NY TImes. http://nypost.com/2014/07/30/apple-pares-200-jobs-from-beats/ "“Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we’ll work hard during this time to find as many of these Beats employees as we can...
"Considering the recent shenanigans the FCC pulled with net neutrality, I'm willing to bet this is total posturing" Got to agree LordJohnWhorfin. Fact is that with Netflix now havin to pay AT & T, Netflix expect most newcomers to be forced out. This has just removed most US competition with all non Netflix users etc losing big time. Netflix users also lose as they get to have less choice/higher fees.
"fall within the top 5 percent of data users on our network," Likely that is anyone who streams one 30 minute show per day, maybe even once per week !
It is all about control. They do not need to accede control to Apple. Content sells itself. As long as there are viewer apps for Apple devices then that famous Apple control is negated.
........I was forced to fast jog the 2 miles to catch the train to an important meeting. Making it just in time, as the train was leaving a message came through. " I tried to ring you to tell you that the meeting was cancelled'.
The problem for Samsung is that Android is user orientated. That orientation is creating far too much innovation and competition so staying top dog is near impossible. Contrast that to the stable history of Windows where change was non near existent resulting in a stable hierarchy.
The reason OS/X got it is that as yet OS/X does not ban real browser installs. Anyway WebGL is effectively OpenGL ES 2.0. So are they going to ban all fancy apps too? I think not ! Like I said, the reason WebGL is not there is that Apple favors Intranets. They dislike the internet intensely.
Yes, but with WebGL is much becoming much part of HTML 5 it shows Apple sees the web as the enemy. The only way round for Apple owners is to abandon the web and find an app that fulfils the requirement. I think Apple sees the web as the enemy of their monopoly. Quite obviously you make far less money giving the consumer what they want. Incompatibility is what Apple is all about.
"The company goes on to suggest that developers should eschew proprietary formats like Flash in favor of more widely-implemented standards such as HTML5." Funny, are Google going to warn about HTML 5 web games not working too ! Apple allows 3D for iAds only, not web games. So is iAds the new Flash for IOS?
Yes, the US is much the main home of the iPhone. In Germany where people are more technical Android now outsells the iPhone more than 7 to 1.
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