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They forgot the temperature test. Say it has just been used or the user have a rush of blood down their, what force bends at body temperature 37C ?
Well, I think they want to keep something back for fall 2015.Likely then we get to have 2 browser tabs staying 'live'.
Unapparently Sony took up the quota for the year when they put 3GB of RAM in the Xperia Z2.When Android L arrives, users can sell 1GB of theirs to Apple users.
"With the iPhone 5s, Apple moved from 1 Gb of 32-bit RAM to 1 Gb of 64-bit RAM. " Yes, the great Apple illiteracy training program has no limits.
Using mobile DDR 4 would prevent another new truth manta becoming the norm. We all just fed the bull some RAM. The horses have the trotts as per usual. When there is a problem we send the people to be retrained in 1GB RAM appreciation. And obviously that retraining machine also acts as an Orgasmatron.
2GB of Ram would have allwoed proper multi-tasking and even 2 or more tabs to be actually running in the web browser. Heavens forbid, we could have even had a desktop mode setting in Safari. I guess there is always 2016 or 2017 to think of.
But how does it compare to its inspiration, the Galaxy S3.
Of course it is reasonable for $2000 computers to break. They are the equivalent of the hot hatchback, designed more to go fast rather than actually last.
trench, there is a way to force the Pro to use the low power embedded GPU permanently. Google it and you might just find your Pro will last that way.
I think it has little nothing to do with brand. The problem is based on both spec and design. And the Pro is a hot design, though the newer one is slightly more becalmed.
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